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After the recent update the messages sent are in gibberish

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  • Encoding issues will be fixed in the next patch. I will probably publish this on Monday or so, in case any further issues come to light (3 versions have been released over 2 days already).

    For now, I recommend you stick with 2.1. If you do downgrade, please note that if you do not explicitly uninstall version 3.0 (by clicking ‘Delete’ from within WordPress), your 2.1 settings will not be copied when updating to 3.0.x.

    (Of course, if you are know what you are doing, you can make the simple change yourself).

    I will keep you updated in this thread.

    With the release of 3.0.3, this issue should now be fixed. The plugin now sends emails in UTF-8 encoding. Please let me know if there are any further issues.

    Aside, if you’d like to use the plugin in your own language, you may wish to help translate. I’m testing the following service to see if anybody contributes: https://www.transifex.com/projects/p/thank-me-later/resource/thank-me-later-30/

    I did half of this. I will finish later. The Hebrew is fine. Another issue is that the thank you email is sent 5 times to the person making the comment. Can you fix this?

    Do you happen to have 5 messages setup in Thank Me Later? If so, you will need to target the messages to specific categories or posts on your blog, or revert to having just one message. Please see this post about the changes.

    I see that when upgrading the plugin, the upgrade converted 1 message into 4. This was not easy to see since since each message had its own screen. I wanted to delete them. The select all button does not work so I deleted one by one. I deleted them all and tried to create a new message. It is impossible to edit the sample text. Can you fix these issues?

    I am unable to reproduce these issues. The first issue was perhaps a result if you downgraded to Thank Me Later 2.1 and the re-upgraded to Thank Me Later 3.0. I will look into this potential issue later, although I can’t see any problems with it at the moment.

    As for editing the message, are you trying to edit on the left-hand or right-hand pane? You need to enter your message in the box on the left, and the message preview will update on the right.

    To help me identify any problems, all or some of the following information may be useful:

    • the version of WordPress you are running.
    • the version of PHP and MySQL you have.
    • the Internet browser you are using. Is Javascript enabled?
    • any other plugins you have which deal with comments or editing content in the admin interface.

    I deactivated all plugins and checked which one was causing the conflict.

    It seems that there is a conflict between the latest version of your plugin and the plugin “Add Multiple Users”


    When both plugins are activated, your plugin does not work, Any suggestinons?

    From looking at the code, it seems that “Add Multiple Users” is adding its Javascript code throughout the WordPress admin, rather than its own settings page. This has the unfortunate consequence of closing the message entry box in Thank Me Later. Perhaps its worth notifying the developer of that plugin. I will see later if there are any other clashes.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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