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    Thank you for the screenshot, @omi54, that really helps! 🙂 There are a few steps you could take to find the source of the issue you’re seeing:

    1) Easy test would be to open up your site in a different browser (i.e. if you’re using Chrome, try opening up your site in Firefox)
    2) If that doesn’t help, this issue may be part of a plugin conflict. Try temporarily deactivating all plugins (except for NextGEN Gallery) > clear your browser cache and reload the page. Try adding the gallery to the page again and see if that helps. If it does, reactivate each plugin one at a time to locate the culprit. I’d start with reactivating a caching plugin first, if you have one installed.
    3) If that doesn’t help, it may (but unlikely) be a conflict with your theme, in which case you can temporarily switch to a WordPress default theme just long enough to confirm if there is a conflict.

    Keep me posted on your results. 🙂

    – Becky

    @omi54 – we did have one other user report this. He had the issue in Chrome, but not Safari. We didn’t get a chance to troubleshoot to find out way, but that might work.

    I suspect it’s some kind of javascript error being generated by a plugin (ours or another) that’s breaking the javascript components of our insert gallery window.

    If you’d like to troubleshoot a bit more….are you familiar with the javascript console? Just go into the menu of your browser and look for something like View > Developer > Javascipt console in Chrome or Develop > Show Javascript console in Safari.

    When you open it, it will look like this:

    If you can find that and send a screenshot we may be able to identify what’s causing the error, it may help us see more exactly what the problem is.

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    @imagely and @edanzer

    After i have close Chrome and restart the computer, the plugin seems to works fine and i can choose the gallery that i would insert! Thanks a lot for your help and assitance!

    Best regards


    Plugin Contributor Imagely


    Good to hear, @omi54 🙂 I’ll mark this thread as resolved. If you come across this issue again, please let us know 🙂

    – Becky

    Yup, great to hear. Thanks!

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