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    Do you have your permalinks enabled or are they default like ?p=14

    hi, i have permalinks set to post name (

    hi, i’m still having this issue.

    In chrome, after clicking submit, the pages takes about 30secs to upload the picture, then it goes to an error page that says no results found:

    In firefox, after clicking submit, the page takes about 30secs to upload the picture, then it goes to a completely blank page:

    Can you point me in the right direction on how to fix this? Thanks

    Plugin Author Rinat Khaziev



    Try to set ‘success_page’ shortcode attribute to url of some other page on your site and let me know if redirect worked properly:

    Also, are you are you able to upload small files?

    Hello, I have a similar issue, and think I know why it is doing this even with custom success page set. But first off, thank you for such a wonderful plugin, exactly what I have been looking for.

    I am able to get everything to work, uploading, submit, custom success page. However, if the image is over a certain resolution, instead of the success page, it goes to:

    The image is still available for approval and can still be used from media library, it’s just that the success page is not shown. Both images I tried are JPG, one is 84kb (408×201) that does show the success page and the other is a little over 1MB (2848×2134) that does not show the success page…
    Noticed that the DPI on the larger image was 480DPI, took it down to 72DPI and same issue.
    Resized the image to 800×599 and now the success page works.
    So, unsure why the resolution would affect whether the success page works or not, but there ya go 😎

    Also, and this is not a problem but thought you might want to know, none of the images can be deleted permanently directly from the UGC menu, have to go to edit the image and then delete.

    Once again, thank you very much for the plugin, it is very awesome.
    I will update if I find out why the error is occurring.



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Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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