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  • I have successfully used this plugin to transfer several sites from one location to another – thanks to the team for that.
    The way I do this is by backing up the database only with WP-Clone fom the source site, backing up the wp-content folder, doing a fresh wordpress install, overwriting the wp-content folder then restoring the database wit WP-Clone.
    I have a problem with just one site, on which after restoring the database using WP-Clone, I am redirected to the wordpress installation page. I believe this may be as a result of WordPress not being happy with the database but I don’t know how to diagnose, or fix, what’s causing it.

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  • the database backup is probably incomplete. go into advanced settings, check “use wpdb”, create a new backup and give it another try.


    I have the same issue and the above fix did not work?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks and kind regards

    I’ve got the same issue here, and the backup does work on another web-adress so it can’t be the backup itself then right? So something wrong with the mySQL database of this adress? Someone has a solution for this?

    Hi I am having the same problem.

    After using the restore function I get the message that the restore has been successful but the moment I resave permalinks or login, it goes straight to running a wordpress install.

    Any luck you guys?

    No luck either.

    Used the instructions stated here.
    It did work on a cPanel installation, but not on a Plesk installation.

    All the files do move over and the DB entries do seem to be semi-present. But the WordPress installation always makes me reinstall.

    I found the problem on my site.

    My host moved my reseller account from a MySQL 5.5 and higher to a new server that is a MySQL 5.1.73. As I understand the MySQL 5.1.73 does not support the collation used in my sites and would only support utf8. Thus rendering my sites unmigratable.

    I ended up using Tools > Export, and imported all my content on a fresh WP install and fresh theme install.

    Good luck guys.

    I got similar. The site works well, and there are no problems with it.
    Suddenly people started to complain about redirection to the install page.
    When I was working on the site myself, I got the same (sometimes).

    After talking with the support of iPage, I discovered something new to the hosting accounts.
    There are not only limitations on space and bandwidth, but also on the number of maximu allowed database queries per hour.
    If you have that problem and you do nothing, it resolves itself after a hour.
    If you have a busy website, and there is a peak in traffic, the same WILL happen.
    When I was looking how many queries one page load demands, I could calculate how many instances (visitors) to the site will bring the site down for a hour.

    There is nothing you can do about it, then arrange a dedicated server, not a hosting account.
    The other thing is measure the number of database queries and find a way to reduce it. Mostly the theme (when you use a heavy theme), and too many plugins. Also those social buttons are heavy in queries. Remove them all and try to use stress testing or see how far you come with a heavy traffic to your server.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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