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    I have little problem that started today i guess

    Plugin is in sandbox mode i pick some product to test everything goes well i click pay on paypal and when it’s time to go back to checkout review order it’s just spinning like page is loading but it never loads,it just goes as website is offline ( and page is working fine) on woocommerce order stats i see that order is received, payed and marked as complete but problems is that redirect from paypal back to my site it’s not working 🙁 what can i do to make it work

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  • Hi again,

    I updated your plugin now cause it asked me, after that i had problem with deactivating PayPal Plus cause i don’t use (EUR,CAD) i had to click 3 times to save changes to make it deactivated, i raised PHP limit to 256 so i wanted to test again maybe it works

    Step 1.
    Step 2.
    Step 3.
    I click log in and i get this

    This error that it gives me

    ConnectionManagerError: Cannot connect to db FININST, pip fininst_occ_host 1: socket. Gave up after 2 ConnectionManager tries. Backtrace: PPException::PPException(String const&) ConnectionManagerError::ConnectionManagerError(String const&) ConnectionManager::connect_pip(SmartPointer const&, OCCHost const&, unsigned) ConnectionManager::get_connection(OCCHost const&, bool, bool, bool) TransactionHandler::prepare_sql(char const*, OCCHost const&, char const*, unsigned, bool) BaseDB::prepare_sql(char const*, char const*, unsigned, bool) CachingBaseDB::prepare_sql(char const*, BaseDBString::ASCIIString const&, bool) WUserCC::internal_load_user_superset(BaseDBCacheArray&, TArray, ForUpdate, int) WUserCC::internal_load_user_superset(BaseDBCacheArray&, unsigned long long, ForUpdate, int) WUserCC::load_by_user(unsigned long long, ForUpdate, unsigned long, unsigned long, char) FinancialInstrument::CreditCardPBImpl::load_all_credit_cards(unsigned long long, TArray&, ForUpdate, bool) const FinancialInstrument::CreditCardSCPBImpl::load_all_credit_cards(unsigned long long, TArray&, ForUpdate, bool) const FinancialInstrument::CreditCardBLIImpl::get_cc_list_by_account_number(unsigned long long, TArray&, TArray const*, unsigned long, unsigned long, unsigned long, unsigned long, ForUpdate) User::PimpAddressConfirmationBLIImpl::check_low_risk_payment_method_confirmed_for_ec(unsigned long long, PimpAddress const&, TArray&, bool&, PimpAddress&, unsigned long long&) User::PimpAddressConfirmationBLIImpl::internal_address_is_confirmed(unsigned long long, PimpAddress&, PimpTransaction&, String*, TArray&, PimpAddress&, bool&) Rapids::BusinessBlocks::HostedPayments::hosted_payments_check_confirmation(PayPalCommonWebAppContext const&, PimpXClick&, PimpTransaction&, TArray&, bool) Rapids::Flows::Unity::StateUnityEC_AnalyzeTransaction::handle_shipping_address(boost::shared_ptr&) Rapids::Flows::Unity::StateUnityEC_AnalyzeTransaction::execute(Rapids::CGIVars const&) Rapids::DecoratedState::execute(Rapids::CGIVars const&) Riprap::RiprapRapidsGenericFlow::handle_execute(Riprap::WebAppContextOrnate const&, Rapids::TransitionRegistry const&, Rapids::State*, String const&, String const&, unsigned long long) Riprap::RiprapRapidsGenericFlow::process_states(Riprap::WebAppContextOrnate const&, Riprap::RiprapRapidsGenericFlow::ProcessStates, Riprap::DispatchInterceptorRegistry const&, Rapids::TransitionEdge const*) Riprap::RiprapRapidsGenericFlow::flow_continue_post(Riprap::WebAppContextOrnate const&, Riprap::DispatchInterceptorRegistry const&) Riprap::call_rapids(Riprap::WebAppContext const&, Riprap::RapidsFlowFactory const&, Riprap::DispatchAction const&, Riprap::WebAppReturn const&, String const&, Riprap::DispatchInterceptorRegistry const&) Riprap::dispatch_loop(Riprap::EPRegistry const&, Riprap::WebAppContext const&, Riprap::DispatchAction&, Riprap::WebAppReturn&, String const&, Riprap::DispatchInterceptorRegistry const&) Riprap::dispatch_wrapper(OutputStream&, Riprap::EPRegistry const&, Riprap::WebAppContext const&, Riprap::WebAppReturn const&, String const&, bool const&, Riprap::DispatchInterceptorRegistry const&) Riprap::entry_point(HTTPInterface&, Riprap::CGIVars&, OutputStream&, String const&, String const&) main

    An error has occurred.

    Plugin Contributor angelleye


    That error you’re seeing in Step 3 is something I was experiencing, too, just last night while running some tests.

    I’m pretty sure that was an issue with PayPal’s servers. Unfortunately, their sandbox and live servers have had quite a problems lately (confirmed by notifications.)

    Can you make sure you got the latest update ( and give it another shot?


    I run test on my other site (it’s on other hosting) and i had same problems as on this one yesterday so I gave up on that, I run update now and i did try again, it’s still slow it’s spinning but after 1-2 minutes it redirects me to checkout review order page, so I’m guessing it’s paypal or my hosting( on page I gave you link) that is giving me this troubles cause your plugin worked perfect. I did send note to my hosting but still didn’t got any respond.

    I will test everything again tomorrow also to see if everything is ok.

    Tnx for getting back on this post and big + to support and plugin

    Plugin Contributor angelleye


    I’m going to go ahead and mark this as resolved, but feel free to respond if you have more questions about this.

    Also, if you have a moment, we’d appreciate a review for the plugin. Thanks!


    just to let you know I did try again this morning before i saw plugin update and everything was same, it was just spinning, then I updated it, and i tested again, and WOOOOW i got to checkout page in 3 sec… i was like OMG finally so I have no idea what happen but i’m sure glad this is working cause i think your plugin is best one out there, review coming now.

    Tnx for everything

    Plugin Contributor angelleye


    Glad to hear it!

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