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  • And this time I’m also using a domain that used to be linked to a blog (purchased through GoDaddy).

    Yes. You are redirected to wordpress dot com with their default example subdomain.
    Unlink from WordPress dot com. Theoretically that should not create problem but we methodically “undo”. Then allow time for the name servers to get propagated. name servers are well cached throughout the web. It takes time to get flushed.

    DNS is a complicated matter. You are using Bluehost’s free DNS service. That is mediocre versus wordpress dot com’ DNS. You can use a Third party DNS service like free trial of Dyn or Cloudflare. They will propagate DNS very fast! Dyn with Server IP as DDNS will take 30 minutes to see the new. After 2-3 days, change to Bluehost’s free DNS service.

    To troubleshoot we put a plain HTML document with index.hml name with some text on new server’s root before installing wordpress.

    I have written such basic one for you – download it & upload to Bluehost server’s FTP root as index.html file. When you can see that index.html file’s as “This is Bluehost server” via browser, then the things are right. Delete that index.html file & work. It can take up to 72 hours to see it.

    You can take Bluehost’s help for sure & show them this webpage. Simple matter but none has control on DNS. Minor

    Thanks for the explanation – that makes sense. I’m new to all of this stuff! Cheers for the code too.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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