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  • Guys,
    I moved my WP to another server,
    I created a db with the same name and same password.
    now my blogs works fine.

    but, in admin section,
    when I upgrade my plugins, or when I tried to upgrade WP 2.8.1,
    its shows a page called Connection Information.

    in that page, it asks,
    connection type : ftp / sftp

    what am I want to do to ignore this page.?

    I entered my db un and pw, but no use 🙁

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  • any help guys

    I uploaded the files manually
    and created the db manually, then I export the sql queries from my old db backup.

    am I need to setup prefix wp_ or any file permissions?

    why its ask ftp username and password ?
    everythime I need to enter it to do anything.

    its shows a page called Connection Information.

    in that page, it asks,
    connection type : ftp / sftp…..
    …. why its ask ftp username and password ?

    WordPress is essentially acting as you, on your request, to access your ftp account and automatically upload/upgrade files. What it is requesting is your ftp hostname (address), ftp user login name and password so that it can access your server and upload the files for you. It can’t upload files without it. It has nothing to do with your database or wp-config file.

    thanks a lot bro,

    but it never ask anything like this,
    when I moved my files to another server, then it comes 🙁

    any help guys

    you don’t mention checking your config.php file. If your db name, user, & pw are all still the same, good.
    Additionally, is the name of your website still the same? and the folder wp is in? … do you maintain a backup / test copy on another server-website?
    Some versions back, it became possible to

    override the database by putting the 2 lines below into your config.php file. – Much easier:

    define(‘WP_SITEURL’, ‘http://’.$_SERVER[“SERVER_NAME”].’/wordpress’ );
    define(‘WP_HOME’, ‘http://’.$_SERVER[“SERVER_NAME”].’/wordpress’ );

    change the folder name “/wordpress” to whatever you renamed it to, if you did.

    This way, it is dynamic, and portable, not “hard coded” and “unmoveable”. If you have a backup copy in a different folder, (say one is in wordpress and the other is in backup or testing), using these 2 lines, instead, makes the folder name dynamic also:

    define(‘WP_SITEURL’, ‘http://’.$_SERVER[“SERVER_NAME”].dirname($_SERVER[‘PHP_SELF’]) );

    define(‘WP_HOME’, ‘http://’.$_SERVER[“SERVER_NAME”].dirname($_SERVER[‘PHP_SELF’]) );

    This way, your config.php file can be portable along with all the other files. It can be very valuable to not have to maintain multiple config files.

    thansk for your reply,

    Yes, the DB name,wp folder, passwords are same. no different.
    I hv put that 2 lines, but no differences. am I want to put the ftp details anywhere?

    when you upgrade, wp has to upgrade the db. sounds like that has not happened.
    copy in your original, old version, files etc. unpack the 2.8.1 files again and go through the steps of upgrading again “according to the directions” … it’s worth a shot. and may save you a lot of hassles.

    Thanks a lot for the reply ddsmith.

    When I did a fresh installation, it comes,
    then what can I do?
    I changed my server. Now am in new server.

    when I try to install / upload a pic into my post / upgrade wp,
    this is the page I got

    I dont think it is a db issue. Its asking ftp authentication.

    could anyone help me,
    thanks in advance.

    Any Help guys, please

    Any help please. I stuck with this

    WordPress asks you for connection information only when it is unable to write to the directory/files. Make sure you check the permissions on the plugins folder to make sure nothing has changed. CHMOD is your friend!

    Recent versions of WordPress feature an Automatic Upgrade.

    Note that your files all need to be owned by the user under which your Apache server executes, or you will receive a dialog box asking for “connection information,” and you will find that no matter what you enter, it won’t work.

    yes, I didnt changed anything, I just move it to new server.
    and file permissions are ok, I used 777 also, but didnt work. 🙁

    thanx for the reply bro,
    so, how can I change the ownership?
    am I want to contact my hosting provider?

    I cant upload any pics into my post. even if I entered the ftp details. 🙁

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