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    I decided to migrate (very far) away from fatcow hosting and instead went to asmallorange (which for the moment I very much recommend). SO after copying the whole contents of my websites into my new FTP at ASO I tried to log in to my dashboard at my main site and the whole right side of the dashboard is missing. I can see my front end perfectly, but only the menu on the dashboard.

    I should mention that my domain is the same as previously.

    What I’ve tried:
    – clearing cookies
    – different browsers / computers
    – renaming plugins/themes folders
    – renaming .htaccess file
    – checking siteurl in wp-options table

    Now, I do have a clue to what the problem can be. When I first migrate all my sites, the only one that didn’t work was my main domain ( but the others worked fine. So I contacted ASO support and they helped me resolve my problem. This is the answer they gave me when asked what they did exactly:

    “What I did is simple change of document root in the cPanel user file, nothing you can do from your side :)”

    He did this because the document root for my main site had to be in a subfolder and not in the main directory (because I have several different wordpress sites installed).

    I have searched for this same problem but can’t find it in the forum.

    Anybody know where this can come from?

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  • Ok, so just if anybody has this same problem as me. I solved it by installing the wordpress update manually (I couldn’t on click update it because it wasn’t visible) and then the dashboard was again visible.

    I tried everything listed above and much more to solve it but the only thing that really worked was the update.

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