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  • bcbrett


    We chose Bizuno in 2016 as the software to run our company on, first hosted and now running under wordpress on our own servers. It has been an excellent choice for that whole time, letting us finally ditch quickbooks. Bizuno manages all our accounting, sales, purchasing, inventory and banking etc. We can print product labels with it, and it also does all the shipping and shipping labels for our fedex and UPS shipments. More importantly it does it with the click of a button using OUR UPS and Fedex accounts with negotiated rates, we don’t have to buy these services from intuit anymore. I would say the largest time saver has been the customer pricing management. It allows us to set up custom prices for each customer based on mark up over our cost on a per item per customer basis. Before we would have to research pricing for each customer on every order making sure that their price was still current and the cost of the item hadn’t changed. Now that is all automated, if there is a cost increase the customers prices automatically reflect that on their next order. There is even a tool that increases the cost of all assemblies based on any increases of their component parts, we didn’t have that with Quickbooks. Now I see the future developments planned for Bizuno and I am excited for all the new features coming our way. If you are looking for something to run your business on or something to replace Quickbooks, Bizuno is an excellent choice.

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