After </ul> I can't write some special any more! (2 posts)

  1. mikewolfxyou
    Posted 9 years ago #

    I am writing my blog, in a paragraph,I write something like these:
    The two primary human testing methods are code inspections and walkthroughs.
    A code inspection is a set of procedures and error-detection techniques for group code reading.
    A code inspection group have 4 members. The first one is like a moderator. He must do the follow things:

    \<li\>Distributing materials for, and scheduling, the inspection session

    \<li\>Leading the session\</li\>
    \<li\>Recording all errors found\</li\>
    \<li\>Ensuring that the errors are subsequently corrected\</li\>
    Then after symbol "\<ul\>", I can't continue type followed:

    The second member is the programmer. The remaining team member usually are the program's designer and a test specialist.
    They do the two things during the session:

    I mean, after type, and I save it. Then all of them disappeared. But the other things, like:


    They have no problem. Is this a BUG? I dont know, you can try it, if you have time.

    I have not write \ before the \<ul\>, I only wanna you know ,What I have done!

  2. mikewolfxyou
    Posted 9 years ago #

    I find that problem come from the word "specialist".(After "and a test specialist"). I can't save the document if I type this word in my document. why? you can visit my blog: http://mikezhang.mi.funpic.de/wordpress/

    you can see that, I can't right write this word. That is too funny!

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