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    every update seems to break something

    after the last update the last posts are not showing up in the frontpage anymore (but they are listed in the boxes and on the slider)… seems that the blog is frozen to posts more than a week old.

    funny enough the first post showing up on the top are different on Safari and Firefox…but both more than a week old.

    disabled all the plugins…no luck
    updated the permalinks….no luck

    installed Twenty Twelve Theme….LUCK !
    the posts are back in the right order.

    what ?
    how ?

    going to switch to another theme very soon if this is not fixed without headaches.


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  • mmm

    I found the problem.

    Disabling the option to show the 3 latest posts in the top boxes it goes back to normal.


    wasted 3 hours disabling plug ins and such.

    Well, three hours is enough time to find another cool theme 🙂

    By the way, do you have a particular theme to switch or just were ranting?

    3 hours sadly not enough instead.
    I think that next move will be to attempt a bootstrap.
    no…i wasn’t just ranting…I reckon this is a blatant bug that should have been fixed before releasing an update !
    because if I found the problem and I am clueless about PHP and CSS and all that blues…
    ok that is a free theme (at least the version I am using)…
    but if I payed for it now I would be not just annoyed but furious.

    Let me shake your virtual hand. That lovely nest of custom community bugs is my worst nightmare too after I took over a site. A previous webmaster installed it and then ran away in tears.

    Never mind.

    The latest CC version seems working fine.
    I would say that CC developers team stomped out almost all bugs.


    I wish I wouldn’t publish the previous post.

    Hey mauxuam.

    Could you mark this topic as resolved?


    hey bottleneck…what is going on with u ?
    no…I will not mark it as solved because the bug ISN’T SOLVED.
    I had to deactivate a function that I wads using to solve it…so this isn’t solving.

    I don’t know what are your webmaster issues but I am not related to it… you got clients to keep happy… I am on my own..


    you got clients to keep happy

    Technically, I try to keep happy Konrad, the kindest man on Earth, because I poured too much sh*t on CC developers team recently and I apologize.

    ok…so now u can stop pouring on them …I will do it.

    I am sorry for mr. Konrad but this blatant bug is not resolved.

    Infact I no trust those devs and going to change to another template ASAP.

    I personally suggest to not use this template…it has been headaches and stupid problems all the way…. strange that WP features it.

    I might even stop to use WP and all actually

    it seems that they are pretty much focused just on commercial side of things and shops and not on blogging anymore…
    so it become a bloated fat mother of bugs.

    hi mauxuam, hi bottleneck,

    the option that is buggy “Show latest 3 posts on homepage” was optimized in the last update.

    When its activated, the first 3 posts are shown in the boxes like featured posts.
    the rest of the blog posts are shown below, with an offset of 3.

    @mauxuam how many blogposts were published on this blog? more than 3 or 4?

    do you have a link to your site if it still exists like this?

    i couldnt reproduce the bug so far, but i created a ticket in the issue tracker here:


    thanks mr Konrad for your reply

    it looks that u didnt really read my post or maybe I didnt get myself understood.

    anyhow from ur reply now i understand that what i thought was a bug instead is an “unwanted” and “not needed” optimization.

    I would be really curious to know what motivated you to do such “optzimization”… why the hell I should want my latest posts appear ONLY in that small blocks and the older ones appear at normal size ???

    you should have least give an option…instead of optimizing out of your will….or did someone asked you to do so ?
    anyway it shows differently in firefox and safari…wonder why…

    my blog got more than 300 posts so far..don’t bother to ck it out since I am switching to a different template as we speak.


Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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