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  • WordPress database error: [Unknown column ‘publish’ in ‘where clause’]

    I’ve successfully installed 3 WordPress blogs on hosted (Linux) servers. I’ve never had any trouble at all. I’ve even changed hosts without losing anything.

    But at work I’ve I can’t get past the above error message. I’ve followed the installation instructions step-by-step and I get the admin password and can log in. But when I try to view the site, that message (and more) is displayed across the top of the screen and the template doesn’t display at all.

    I’ve found some talk that the problem has something to do with single and double quotes in the classes.php file.

    I’ve poked around in the classes.php file, but that query is built with code that includes double quotes nested within single quotes.

    And when I try to just trade them out, I get a parsing error. (I think it’s line 600-607 of wp-includes/classes.php — is this correct?)

    We have another web server that is running on Windows. Do you think I’d have better luck running the Windows version of WordPress?

    I’m really confused, because as I said I’ve run WordPress blogs from 2 different commercial hosts without this problem.

    Also, I’ve started completely over (even with deleting the database and recreating it) 4 times. And re-downloaded the files. And in between came home and built a new blog without the error. So it seems like it’s probably related to the environment there and not to errors by me.

    Still, if I could figure out what to fix, I’d rather do that than run it on Windows.

    Please let me know if this doesn’t make sense. I’m so confused, I might have left out important information. Although I’ll say that I don’t know what version of Apache or FreeBSD we’re running.

    Thank you very much.

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  • Can you find the MySQL, PHP, and Apache versions?

    Does it really look like the database tables got setup? Use phpMyAdmin to look at those…

    Hi MichaelH,

    Yes, when I look at the tables everything looks fine. Actually, I can log-in and the dashboard works fine so I can look at what’s there through manage posts & pages.

    It just won’t display as a blog.

    One suggestion is that it could be an encoding issue. But I won’t be able to check it until I get to work tomorrow.

    It’s PHP 5 & MySQL 5 — oh, could it be that? MySQL 5? I think we’re running MySQL 4 on another server??

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