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  • WordPress 3.1.3
    Thesis Theme 1.8.1

    My site was recently hacked by some Indonesia BlackHat Team according to the splash page they installed.

    After identifying and fixing a tampered-with file (an index.php within the Thesis theme folder) and having the hosting provider restore the database (which had become inaccessible after the hack), and reinstalling WP once, the site appeared to be back up, working correctly — all data in the WP dashboard admin appeared to be present and correct, and phpmyadmin displayed the database with all data, posts, pages, appearing to be intact.

    However, when the website displays live, all posts and pages appear to be truncated at around roughly 200 or so characters, with no images, links or shortcodes being rendered… just those initial text characters. Sidebars, Headers, Footers, Widgets seem unaffected and displaying properly.

    Any ideas what is causing this? Thanks for any insights -Mike

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  • That sounds like your templates are displaying post and page excerpts rather than full content. Excerpts strip out images links and shortcodes.

    Check your Thesis settings page to see if you have it set to only display summary content. If so change to full content.

    And also check the custom_functions.php file to see if any function is overriding the inclusion of full content.

    Well, I checked the Thesis theme settings for excerpts vs. full content display, and they were set correctly as preferred to full content… I also tried removing the contents of the custom_functions.php file, but to no avail, the behavior of posts and pages not displaying correctly still persists…

    You may want to download and reinstall the Thesis theme again, in case any corruption took place. Assume you now have full backups so just overwrite. Do keep a copy of custom.css and custom_functions.php before you overwrite the rest of the files.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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