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  • I knew this would be a mistake based on reading many times the turbid and obtuse upgrade instructions. I tried to follow each step. The result, for now, is a blank screen for and equally blank for blog1/wp-admin/upgrade.php and /install.php

    Obviously I missed some step. I certainly don’t want to go over the same process again from the same instructions. I have too many back up files — from wp-backup plugin and manually. Which is the best to use to try to recover the blog?

    Or the web host, PowWeb, has an installation service with a tempting button to “uninstall”. If I uninstall everything and let them make an installation of 2.2 then what would I get from where to reinstall my content and whatever other files would be necessary?

    The only step I can see I might have missed is that I left the wp-config file as instructed and have uploaded the new wp-config.sample.php file but not renamed it.

    Any suggestions on how to get further with 2.2 or how to retreat to 2.1.3 would be appreciated. I have put far too much energy into making the change to a web host which was a mistake to invest too much more time especially when WP has promised the same hassle every few months. Disheartening!

    Alternatively, should I be asking at PowWeb to figure out what I did wrong in installation?

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  • im wondering the same thing. I upgraded through powweb and it doesnt seem to really have upgraded anything. Im affraid that if I uninstall it ill loose all my existing posts. I have all the themes already backed up on my local drive so I can just drop those back in but will i loose all the content and urls for my posts if I uninstall everything?

    Nothing is ever stored in any files.
    All your content (as in every WP installation) is stored in the database: posts, comments, Pages, settings.
    The only other place where you have specific “content” is your custom theme (if any) and the upload folder (if you posts images).
    Everything else is basically replaceable – downloading the WP files, even for older versions.

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