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    So I tried enabling the SMTP option using WP Mail SMTP and Google, even though I didn’t want to have to go through google to use mail.

    After unsuccessfully going through the steps and google still saying Verification Status: not published and getting errors on the redirect url after clicking the allow plugin to send emails

    I decided to deactivate the plugin. I then checked my php file that was sending emails to my domain email address and found that it doesn’t work anymore.

    I uninstalled the plugin and tried again, but my php file which was sending emails to my domain email addresses is not working any more using wp_mail().

    This is totally unacceptable. The plugin changed some things that don’t get changed back to the original settings after deactivation and uninstalling the plugin.

    What do I need to do to fix this?

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  • Just wanted to update the support thread…

    I was contacted by plugin support stating that after deleting the plugin there are no residual settings that have been altered and were not returned back to the original settings. I was instructed to go back through the installation steps I took and see if there were any settings that I adjusted that may have caused the wp_mail() and php’s mail() function to stop working.

    After making more test php files and trying to use the mail() function and wp_mail(), checking my domain email accounts and not getting anything to go through, I contacted the host. They said everything was showing fine on their end. They did say that gmail was kicking back emails due to spam filters from earlier email sends, but everything looked ok on their end.

    So, while I continued trying to find out what was going on, all my emails showed up in my test email account and using the php email sends from my custom files started working. It seems there was something wrong on the host backend that they didn’t tell me about.

    So, as of now, after uninstalling the plugin it seems my mail functions are working properly.

    Thanks to the plugin staff for the speedy support! That was awesome!
    Thank you!

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