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    I uninstalled Embedly, but when I edit a post, embeds are still mysteriously generating. I’ve removed the URL, updated the post, then readded the URL, and the Embedly version STILL gets generated. Frankly, it’s bizarre. The site in question still appears in the Embedly dashboard too (along with the troublesome embeds), but I’m not sure if or how I can delete the site from Embedly altogether (if that’s even the problem).

    Thanks for any help you can provide!

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    Hmm, deactivating the plugin won’t remove old embeds, but should stop new URLs from embedding.

    Is this still happening for you?

    I can’t remember the site or configuration, but I can say with 100% certainty that it was, indeed, happening.

    Generally speaking, how does Embedly work? If I disable the plugin and old embeds still show, it clearly isn’t parsing the URLs in real time. However, if I look at the post, just the URL is visible, so it isn’t adding code that lasts, either. I’m so confused!

    I’m trying to diagnose a conflict with the FeedWordPress plugin, so this information would be helpful.

    I also have a feature suggestion: in many cases, the embedly link is the only picture I have on a blog post. However, this picture isn’t pulled by Facebook when I share the link there. Unless there’s a way to accomplish this that I’m missing, perhaps you could consider a toggle in a future version of the plugin?

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    Hi jOt,

    Embedly works through the oEmbed API itself, and the wordpress plugin is using wordpress’s built in methods to grab embedded content (wp_oembed_get()).

    The control of when the url is getting parsed and converted to embed, as well as what displays in the post editor is built into wordpress. The plugin simply directs requests for embedded content at embedly’s api.

    I believe the oEmbed api call is happening before the post gets saved in the database, so that’s why you’ll see the html of an embed even after disabling the plugin.

    If a plugin that’s authoring posts doesn’t hook into wordpress’s wp_oembed_get() api then links won’t show up as embedded, as far as I know.

    In regards to the feature suggestion, I’m happy to pass it along to the relevant team members, thanks for the feedback!

    Chris @ Embedly

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    Hi jOt,

    We’re going to mark this ticket as resolved, if you have any further questions please feel free to reach out again!


    I am having this same issue. I deactivated and uninstalled Embedly, and it’s still handling embeds. Why is that?

    What does this mean?

    Hmm, deactivating the plugin won’t remove old embeds

    If deactivated, should it completely remove itself from the affecting anything on the site? And aren’t the embeds done in real-time? Or are they cached? If cached, where can we empty that?

    Exactly. I still haven’t figured it out. I wish Embedly was as simple to use as Disqus:

    1) I could set up one Embedly account and use it for multiple websites.
    2) When activated, it simply turned single-line text URLs into beautiful embeds.
    3) When deactivated, embeds reverted to single-line text URLs.

    The current implementation is bizarre and difficult, and they’re clearly geared toward developers, which I am not. I’m not sure what your business model is, Embedly, but please note that I’ve been watching people search – for years and years – for a *SIMPLE* plugin that simply gives them functionality similar to Facebook link styling. Period. Dot. Please be that solution. 🙂

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    The Embedly plugin uses WordPress’ built in embed system. The best way of thinking about this system is that it works exactly as if you had copied and pasted an embed code from a website into your post. If you want to remove this embed, you’d have to manually delete the embed code from the post.

    Since Embedly has no control over your saved posts, we are unable to make changes to previous embeds for you.


    Chris @ Embedly

    That makes some sense, but I’m guessing that the embed system is still invisible? In other words, if I put in a text URL, Embedly converts it into the embed code SOMEWHERE, but not in the post, where it remains a text URL. In other words, there’s no way to turn off the embed after deactivating the plugin, short of deleting the URL from the post entirely.

    Honestly, I’m not so frustrated with inability to turn previous embeds off as much as I am 1) the lack of information as to why I can’t or how the whole system works, 2) the inability to apply embeds to already-published posts, and 3) the general lack of user-friendliness to non-developer WordPress users who want Facebook-esque embed functionality in a plugin solution that is as turn-key as Disqus.

    Not telling you how to run or monetize your business, of course; just explaining what I’m looking for as a willing-to-pay-for-the-right-solution consumer. 🙂

    @embedly, it doesn’t sound like you understand how the plugin works. When I edit a post/page, there is no embed code. The only thing visible is a normal looking URL. Even when I look at it as text in the editor, I see nothing but a URL. It is ONLY when I view it on the frontend that it shows up as an Embedly processed link, branded with “Embedly.” I’ve been in web development almost 20 years. The issue is with your plugin not fully uninstalling in some manner. Else, it wouldn’t still process URLs. There is NO EMBED CODE in my post. That’s what jOt Creative and I are trying to explain. Again, there is no embed code to remove. I even removed the URL, saved my document, added back my URL, and it still gets processed by Embedly. One reason I don’t like this is because I feel like I have spyware on installed on my site b/c Embedly is STILL processing links even when uninstalled.

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    The embedding is handled by the built in WordPress embed system. This system basically does two things: it identifies media URLs in posts that are embeddable, and then fetches the embed html for that URL from an oEmbed endpoint. All the plugin does is hook this system up to Embedly’s existing API.

    @azizpbrimah The plugin should definitely not still be creating new embeds after deactivation, I’m going to try to replicate this issue locally. Can you let me know what version of WordPress you have installed?


    – Chris

    I had this same problem. After deactivation or deletion the plugin leaves behind entries in the postmeta table of the database. These entries contain embedly markup and load js files that keep embedly cards showing on the site. Delete these entries and the cards go away. The entries in my db had a meta_key that stared with _oembed_.

    Embedly should either automatically delete these entries, or include an option to delete them on plugin deletion.

    Same issue. This is extremely irritating. Glad I deleted it ASAP but I still have two posts with the embedly ads that. Please provide a solution. We should not be forced to advertise your service even after deleting it totally. Very bad experience.

    SAME ISSUE. NOW PISSED. You idiots should stop touting that you’re from Boston. We have much smarter people here than you if you don’t even know how your own plugin works.

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