After database import, umlauts etc. scrambled (1 post)

  1. searchen
    Posted 6 years ago #

    Have just imported a backup into a new database, as security, before updating our main backup for 2.8.4

    However, when importing from the Backup (sql.gz), all the German characters such as umlauts have become scrambled.

    EG: Umlaut u, (ü) displays as "ürn"

    The MySQL connection collation in the phpMyAdmin defaults to utf8_general-ci

    Is there a way to fix the scrambled contents?

    The existing database (which we will update when installing 2.8.4), is still OK. Can I hope that the Upgrade of the database to 2.8.4 compatibility, was not the cause of the scrambled text?

    Many thanks

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