After creation of Subdomain, Permalinks don't work. (2 posts)

  1. noyu
    Posted 6 years ago #

    I'm using version 2.6.3 (a bit old i know..)
    My blog address used to be domain.com/sub.
    I have just created a subdomain : sub.domain.com and pointed it to the existing folder location.

    seems fine and all. I can see my blog homepage on sub.domain.com,
    I can also access my wordpress control panel at sub.domain.com/wp-admin
    but my individual blog post, category page and tag pages are not accessible.

    The links to the pages are correct,
    i.e - The links on my blog are updated correctly to sub.domain.com/category/postname
    but I see a "Not Found" error page.

    When I change the Permalink setting back to default,
    i.e - sub.domain.com/?p=123
    it work fine.

    I would like to use custom Permalinks and it was working before I created the subdomain. Is there anywhere I need to update the new subdomain url?
    So far I have updated my new blog url (sub.domain.com) on
    Wordpress > Settings > General > WordPress address (URL)
    Wordpress > Settings > General > Blog address (URL)

    Do I need to go to the extent of editing htaccess files?

    Thanks in advance. : )

  2. WisTex
    Posted 5 years ago #

    baleeted. Fixed problem after posting.

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