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    I recently converted from wp 2.5 to 2.6. After the conversion I noticed all my category names were blank although they apparently exist as my post are categorized. However when I pull up a dropdown or try to manage the categories all the options are blank though there are clearly multiple items in the drop down. Is there any way I can fix this without creating new categories and manually moving my old post to these category names. I have over 3000 post and that is just no longer feasible. Also since the names of the category don’t show up it seems like I cannot get to the “manage category” option for any particular category.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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  • Also what database table and field is the “Category” information stored in? Is there a way I can identify a category and change the name field? I can’t seem to find that field in the wordpress database. Some help please. Thanks

    If this request is in the wrong section could someone with authority please move it.

    It seems the only area I see a category field is in the wp_post table. Now I’m really confused about there the category information is stored.
    Any ideas?

    lol you also didn’t get a reply. 🙂 but anyways im no expert on wp but i think its a conversion error of some kind.

    try exporting your data and installing a fresh wp 2.6 and import your data there.

    you might want to try it on a local first before doing it for real.

    hope this helps.

    thanks for the suggestion. It seems like some kind of conversion issue. I am a little leery of redoing it though because I don’t want to further complicate matters and from what I can tell all the category data except the name is there. Or at least it words like it is all there. If I select a category it properly filters the post.

    The problem is the category names don’t show?! I told it to display my categories via a drop down and also to show the number of post under each. The number of post shows in the drop down but all of the names except the ones I added after the conversion contain no text. As a consequence I can’t pull those categories up to edit them and put in a correct name. If anyone can just direct me to where this information is stored in the tables I could manually change it via phpmyadmin so that I could use the regular wordpress interface to correct the info.

    Unfortunately this sounds like a common problem.

    You basically have to go into your database like with phpMyAdmin, and fix the category names and descriptions in the wp terms table I think.

    Read up here and here

    and other places if you search Google and this WP forum

    Thanks this is precisely the issue I was dealing with. It is not fixed and I learned a little more about the tables. Thanks again.

    I think you meant “it is now fixed” not “it is not fixed”, right?

    Glad that helped.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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