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  • After anyone adds a comment and clicks the submit comment button–and when I link to comments from my dashboard–the entire post is not displayed ( The comments are displayed (but none above the comment I linked to) and the site header is displayed, but the post text itself is missing as are the sidebars and the footer.

    I know the culprit is in my Stylesheet–to make my sidebars work correctly, I used padding-bottom: 32767px and margin-bottom: -32767px as recommended for a fix. When I take out the letters P and X from the Stylesheet for these items, the post does refresh correctly after comments are added or linked to. However, the site format is then totally messed up in some browsers (with a single column aligned to the left, all the data forced down the post, instead of three columns with data displayed the full width of the site) including Firefox and IE9.

    I’m guessing something about this messes up wp-comments-post.php, but I can’t figure out why the two letters, P and X, would do this.

    A manual refresh (in most browsers) does bring the full post to the screen, yet I’d like my readers to be able to see the full post after they comment without guessing they must refresh.



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