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    I installed 2.0.2 on my webhost’s server the other night (PHP 4.3.11, MySQL 3.23.49) and everything seemed to be going all right, by and large. One hitch: I’m apparently one of the lucky 1% who have to change the “localhost” setting. Not quite sure what to change it to, and not being able to find a URL for the database, I inserted the db’s IP address as it appears in the title bar of MySQLAdmin, and that seemed to allow the rest of the installation to go forward. (Though this strikes me as somewhere I might have gone wrong.) Anyway, the result is here:

    However, I don’t seem to have a dashboard. I have something that looks like this:

    This looks somewhat like a web page that can’t find its style sheet. I checked in the wp-admin directory on my server, though, and wp-admin.css seems to be where it ought to be.

    Having done a search here and in the Codex for messages about dashboard troubles, I came across this tutorial —

    — regarding site_url settings. I checked my own settings in the database according to the tutorial, and everything there is fine — no trailing slashes. I couldn’t seem to find any other postings that shed light on this problem.

    There’s one other odd symptom: in various themes I’ve tried installing, their graphics aren’t displaying. (That is, you see a text “alt” link, but no image.)

    Does anyone have any thoughts on this for a clueless newbie?


    Best — Diane

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  • USUALLY – when “localhost” doesn’t work, the database should be something like:

    You should be able to get this from the control panel where you set up the database.

    Not sure who your hosting company is, but they should have some sort of documentation or FAQ on this… if it happens to be godaddy, I can help you step by step, but if not, you’ll have to contact the host.

    Strangely enough, it *is* GoDaddy. (FXDomains, anyway: I think they’re the same, yes?) Anyway, thanks for the hint! I went hunting, found the info (it was under the “edit” button on the list of databases in Host Manager). Changed it in wp-config and reloaded wp-admin. Still no dashboard, but at least now I know I have the right thing in there.

    One thought in passing. I seem to remember having read somewhere among all the troubleshooting docs this afternoon that 2.0.2 doesn’t have a cache. Yet mine seems to. (confused look) Oh well: one thing at a time.

    For the benefit of anyone who may come searching for a solution to this problem later: it turns out that I had some kind of hiccup during the original uploading process (I unzipped the master archive on my own local machine, rather than in the upload folder) and some file, I never did find out which one, was either missing or corrupted during the upload.

    I unzipped the file again and simply re-uploaded everything to the proper destination directories: and when I logged in to wp-admin after that, there was the dashboard, just as it should be.

    Problem solved! Thanks, all.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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