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  • I am administrator and change some roles for editor. After changes I cannot access to my control panel. Can You help me to solve big problem.

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  • Plugin Contributor stevejburge


    Hi @nesomis

    Yes, we can help, but please remove your 1-star review.

    This is a support question, not a review.

    Email and we’ll help you out.

    Plugin Author Kevin Behrens


    The plugin stores a backup of WordPress role definitions which can be used to recover from situations where the Administrator role is detrimentally modified.

    Those who are comfortable using phpMyAdmin or another database query tool can do the following:

    • Locate the wp_options table, where “wp_” is your customized database prefix.
    • Search for option_name LIKE ‘capsman_backup%’
    • Use capsman_backup if available, otherwise capsman_backup_initial. Ensure that you are seeing the entire option_value of this row (not just a snippet of it ending in “…”. In phpMyAdmin, click in to “Edit” the row to see the entire option_value.
    • In another window, search for option_name LIKE ‘%user_roles’
    • Update this wp_user_roles record with the option_value from the capsman_backup row. In phpMyAdmin, this can be done with the “edit” link. Be sure to clear the entire option_value entry box before pasting in the capsman_backup value.

    If you believe this modification was applied due to a malfunction of the UI, please explain your steps in the help ticket email and we will seriously investigate it.

    For future versions, I will also apply role editing safeguards to make it impossible for the Administrator role to be locked out.

    Plugin Author Kevin Behrens


    @nesomis, Capability Manager Enhanced 1.6.1 now prevents the read capability from being removed from any standard role. Previously, the accidental removal of this capability from the Administrator role would cause a lockout as you described. This safeguard is now implemented redundantly in both UI and submission processing.

    In addition, a warning is displayed when editing any other standard role which is missing the read capability.

    Plugin Author Kevin Behrens


    Here’s an overview of the safeguards we added in response to nesomis’ report:

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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