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  • Hi,

    I have just installed WP Super cache and it works fine. I have a unanswered doubt that once the files are cached inside the Cache it expires in certain time period we fixed in “Expiry Time” after that time its being deleted from the folder. Here is my questions:

    1. After deleted from the cache by Expiry Time will the files stores somewhere or deleted forever?

    2. If the cached files deleted forever what is the base usage of this plugin because I feel this system is useless if it is deleted forever. If it is compressed and stored somewhere and retrieved whenever it was called then its ok.

    Please comment on this topic.

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  • Your WordPress posts, pages, tags, categories, and blogroll are stored in your database so you can’t lose that information.

    The purpose of a cache is to provide a faster and more efficient display of your WordPress posts and pages. A cache is really just a temporary but quicker way to look at your site. So the fact some cache files are deleted or expired should not affect your ‘actual’ data.

    Are you sure? will the cached files stored in database after the cache is expired?

    to store expired files in the wp database would be a stupid thing…

    so, I dont think that the plugin does that 😉

    The use of a cache system is to provide the recent visited pages in static format for a specific time, it has no sense to cache a page forever, because:

    a) maybe that page will not longer visited.

    b) maybe that page will change.

    Anyway… you choose the expire time.

    Yes k0rp0rate, I know its not storing into database after expiry, I am waiting for a correct explanation on this. I think the creator of this plugin “Donncha” should clear this.

    1. The cached file is deleted (some time) after it expires but regenerated the next time an anonymous user visits.
    2. The cached file is regenerated. Caching continues until it expires again. No problem.

    Read through the source code for a full understanding of how it works.

    I cant get the correct information on this in the source code.

    What you mean as regenerated is it is generated as fresh page when an anonymous user visits the page again?

    So could I control the expiry time by specifying higher expiry time so that it will stay for long period?

    Please clarify,

    Thank you

    Yes and yes.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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