after blogger import, unwanted replacement of text with code (1 post)

  1. GrendelS
    Posted 10 years ago #

    I imported my posts from Blogger to WP using the import script (and S. additional comment import) - worked fine. Strange enough, parts of posts are striked through, but they weren't before. It's not in the WP database though. An example: http://www.iroke.de/wp/?p=95
    Hmm, no wait, looking at the code at IE it tells me, there's a <del>... where the strike starts, I have a "-10%" in the text. Could it be that some plugin looks at the entry and interprets the minus as the <del> tag?
    Possible culprits from my plugins list:
    PreFormatted 2.0-rc1 Jerome Lavigne
    Text Control 2.0b1 Jeff Minard
    X-Valid 0.98 Jamie Talbot

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