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  • I’ve got 4 different tests on my site, 2 using single choice and 2 using assessment. After creating the 2 assessment tests, on trying to create my 5th tests as a single choice, I come to discover that it doesn’t save my “correct answer” anymore.

    It doesn’t save any answer as correct, so the only way to answer correctly (and get 100%) in the single choice tests is to not answer at all. After checking my previous 2 single choice tests, I found that the same happen to those as well, they have been influenced.

    I have changed all the assessment questions in both tests to single choice answers (which fixed the problems with my first 2 tests that had single choice answers), but the 2 ex-assesment tests fail to save the “correct” answer, and when I select it to give different points to different answers, they simply reset all the points of every answer back to 1.

    What can I do? this seem terrible considering a lot of my traffic comes solely through the tests on my site.

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