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  • After a year of having this plugin, it suddenly tells me I have to pay $99 to accept payments from my students. Nowhere was this stated when I originally downloaded & used it nor is it stated on the plugin description that it is trial-ware of any sort. It says it’s free.

    Now I am moving my business over to a BETTER Learning Management system that won’t try to scam me out of my money by revoking services that are advertised as free.


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  • I think you’ve run in a pitfall by upgrading from version 2.7.x to version 3.x. Up to version 2.7.x the paypal gateway was for free, afterwards not (because also of some more functionallity). It was stated in the announcement of version 3.x.

    I also was not very happy about that…but there were a lot more benefits in version 3.x so we decided to upgrade to version 3.x. (also version 2.7.x was not supported any longer).

    Plugin Author Thomas Patrick Levy



    We launched LifterLMS 3.0 in nearly 6 months ago. We made every effort to advise our users of the changes we were making. We sent emails, wrote blog posts, posted about it on the forums and added notes in our changelog. We know that we missed folks. This was all an imperfect solution. We didn’t do a great job. I’m sorry about that.

    It was a difficult decision which we made not to offend, harm, or steal money from our users. I am the lead dev here and I have, since the release, pained over the mistakes we’ve made. I am trying hard to learn from my/our mistakes. If you’d like to delve into all of our reasoning, please read this blog post released around the 3.0 release:

    However, in addition to removing a payment gateway, we’ve resolved hundreds of issues and added in tons of new (free) features.

    We also have a scholarship program where you can apply for discounts on our (now) paid add-ons:

    Of course I want to keep you as a user. I know I can’t fully amend the situation but if I can I trust you’ll let me know.

    Thank you for using LifterLMS at all and please accept my apologies. Good luck with your course and best wishes,

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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