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  • Hi Support,

    After the application of the 5.0.0 update (22/10) I have lost functionalities in the Reviews management.

    I have updated to 5.2.0 (06/11) and the problem persists or has gotten worse.

    Now the new reviews are not published, although in “All Reviews” in the dashboard, they appear as published.

    I use shortcode types:

    [site_reviews_summary category="26047"]

    To show the reviews by categories, in a course academy, but new reviews from update 5.0.0 onwards are not shown.

    Also in console I see errors like:

    2020-11-09 02:09:04] WARNING [Modules/Console.php:51] The [Database::getTerms()] method has been deprecated and will be soon removed, please use the [Database::terms()] method instead.

    Since March 2020 the plugin has worked excellently, collecting more than 800 reviews without any problem, and now with the new updates and important changes in the structure of the plugin, it no longer works properly, the reviews are not assigned to categories (I use a hook) and neither are shown those that are apparently published.

    A real problem to be a reliable plugin. ☹️


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  • Plugin Author Gemini Labs


    Did you see the “Database Upgrade Needed” notice on the WordPress Dashboard and the Site Reviews pages? If not, please go to the Site Reviews > Tools page, hold down the ALT key and run the Migrate Plugin tool.

    Plugin Author Gemini Labs


    The notice you are seeing is happening because you are using some function in your themes’s functions.php file that needs to be updated. Likely you have added a custom category dropdown to the form. Please replace getTerms with terms In your custom function as directed by the notice and the notice will go away.

    Plugin Author Gemini Labs


    If you need more help, or if that suggestions above do not fix the problem, please use the Contact Support section on the Help page and I will assist you further.

    Please also see the Upgrade Guide on the Help page.

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    Hi @geminilabs

    I already know those 3 answers of yours because you have given them in similar post:

    I have read:


    Many forum threads and additional documentation, but for the moment I see that it is not solved.

    As a translator of the “site Reviews” plugin for es_ES I know the mechanics of it, the use of features and hooks and I spend many hours a week optimizing and running the plugin on WordPress sites.

    In version 5.0.0 you have applied very radical changes that affect functions, filters and hooks and this leaves without functionality things that before did not give any problem.

    You have changed paths such as:


    which I have already corrected in the filter I use in functions.php:

    add_filter( 'site-reviews/config/forms/submission-form', function( $fields ) {
        $fields['category'] = [
            'label' => 'Select the course for this REVIEW',
            required' => true,
            'options' => ['' => __( 'Select the course to review', 'site-reviews' )] + glsr( 'Database' )->getTerms(),
            type' => 'select',
        return $fields;
    /** Customize the order of the fields used in the review submission form */
    add_filter( 'site-reviews/submission-form/order', function( $order ) {
        return [

    But the reviews are still not assigned to the corresponding course category and the worst thing is that now they are not even published on the front of the site.

    Any idea?

    Plugin Author Gemini Labs


    In version 5.0.0 you have applied very radical changes that affect functions, filters and hooks and this leaves without functionality things that before did not give any problem.

    All the deprecated (changed) hooks will still work, they just throw a notice in the console until you update them.

    If any internal class methods or functions have changed, it will either be documented in the Upgrade Guide, or a notice will appear in the Console log explaining how to fix it.

    Please remember that adding custom fields to the form has never been officially supported (!), the reason being that it was anticipated that changes may be needed in order to provide a Custom Forms add-on (which is currently being developed).

    It sounds like your problem is not with the functionality of Site Reviews, but with the custom category field that you added to the review form which is no longer assigning new reviews to the categories.

    Please use the “Contact Support” section on the Site Reviews Help page to contact me directly, and include the Site Reviews System Info, Console log, and the functions.php file where you have added the custom function (you can remove everything else from the file that is not related to Site Reviews).

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    Plugin Author Gemini Labs


    Also, the changes in v5 were necessary in order to provide the new features (i.e. importing 3rd-party reviews, assigning reviews to multiple posts, categories, and users), and drastically improve performance for sites that have thousands of reviews.

    Plugin Author Gemini Labs


    As I have not heard back from you, I will mark this topic as resolved.

    Hi Gemini Labs,

    I just want to put on record here that the issue has been resolved.

    Thank you for the support of Email Support, it has been essential to solve it.

    EXCELLENT support

    Thanks!!! ヅ

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