• This used to work like a charm until 4.9.1. Now it f*cks up the installation. It might (?) still work, but you can’t access it and if you list the plugins you will just see the plugins up to this plugin. Luckily they are in alphabetical order (it would be worse if it was the first in that list of plugins because then it would be harder to see the pattern) so when you go to a shell account and delete the plugin it goes back to normal.

    Please fix this!

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  • @axxies, I’ve successfully tested this on a WP 4.9.4 and 4.9.5 installation, without any issues. If you’re still having issues, do a quick test: Deactivate all plugins except for the Redirect plugin. Then re-activate each plugin, one at a time, until the layout messes up again.

    Once you’ve identified which plugin is causing a conflict with the Redirect plugin, please report back here and let me know which plugin the redirect plugin conflicts with. I’ll see if I can provide a workaround.

    (see most recent “support” entry at the top of the support forum for this plugin.)

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