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  • I just upgraded to 2.5.1 from 2.3.3. However, after the upgrade, when I visit my dashboard, I’m told that my version is 2.5 and that I still need to upgrade. However, I just upgraded, using the 2.5.1 zip on the download page.

    Any ideas? How do I know if the upgrade truly took effect? Shouldn’t my dashboard reflect that I’m now running 2.5.1?


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  • At the bottom of every admin page, what version is listed?

    It actually doesn’t say!?!?

    I upgraded another of my blogs (from the same vsn) with no problems. When I look in the footer of THAT blog, I can see that it says vsn 2.5.1

    However, the footer of this blog lists NO version.

    On top of that I’ve tried rolling back to previous version (restored old DB backup taken just before the upgrade, and restored all old files – after which point everything worked fine) and then RE-upgraded. Same result.

    I can also tell you that having seen a successful upgrade, the dashboard layout on this blog is all wacky.


    oh, I just tried rolling back again (to try again) – and it seems that the db rollback doesn’t work quite correctly – as now that I’ve rolled back it says in the admin footer “your wordpress 2.5 is out-of-date”. So…maybe I’ll just delete ALL the tables/recreate them with the import script.

    Hopefully that’ll work right! 🙂

    Still awaiting your insight/feedback.

    Here’s something REALLY weird.

    I dropped the entire database and restored from BEFORE the upgrade (remember, I was at vsn 2.3.3).

    I deleted ALL of my files and restored from a backup directory.

    At this point everything should look exactly like it did before the upgrade.

    I logged into my admin panel, looked at the bottom, and it STILL says “your wordpress 2.5 is out of date”.

    How’s that possible? Maybe it’s a hint to why this upgrade isn’t going quite right.

    Any help appreciated.

    Follow these upgrade steps:

    Delete the following folders from your server:

    Delete all the *.php files from you root WP install EXCEPT:

    Rename your plugins folder (so WP will think the plugins have been deactivated)

    Upload FRESH versions of the latest 2.5.1. Be careful not to overwrite .htaccess or wp-config.php (shouldn’t be a concern, files with that name do not normally reside in the distro).

    Point your browser to http://path/to/wp/wp-admin/upgrade.php

    Then rename your /plugins folder so WP can find those plugins. You should be fine. Normally it’s okay to let existing files get overwritten, but sometimes servers burp and FTP programs hiccup. So I have found it saves time in the long run to just do it this way from jump street.


    OK – thanks for those tips.

    I have definitely found part of the problem – my site has been HACKED!

    Started noticing all these files scattered in the directories:
    AND then there was also an htaccess file in all of my folders, with strange rules for pointing to those files.

    I’m in the process of cleaning it all out now. These files DEFINITELY don’t belong…there was also a random “wordpress” user in my database (along with admin). In the process of clearing out those files and changing EVERYTHING- all passwords, etc. Yikes!

    Make sure you notify your web host of this breach. They sometimes can be quick to point fingers at WordPress since that was apparently what was hacked on your server. However, in a shared hosting environment, the hacker could have gained access from any account. Still, good idea to notify them. And it’s prolly too late now, but my webhost likes to SEE the files that the hackers left behind. I just usually download them and zip them up as a support desk ticket.

    Good luck with all that mess.

    I found that wp-info.txt file in one of my directories – they have passwords for EVERYTHING (changing them all now).

    I’m having the same problem – I’ve tried manual upgrades twice, then installed the auto-upgrade plugin and tried that. Nothing. My admin page still tells me to upgrade to 2.5.1. Any idea what could be wrong?




    Any idea what could be wrong?

    Have you read anything in this thread? The OP was hacked. If youre having the “same problem” perhaps you need to confirm its not the same cause.

    To be honest, I don’t even know what an OP is. Can someone point me in the right direction and tell me what to look for? (Preferably someone who isn’t going to treat me like a retard because I’m not an expert in this stuff.)




    OP == thread starter/original poster.

    You have posted inside a thread where the original poster/thread starter has determined that their site was hacked.

    Since you indicate you are seeing the “same problem” I am suggesting that you make sure your site hasnt been exploited.

    if, in fact, you have upgraded to 2.5.1, and If in fact, you are still seeing your version as 2.5 then there are many threads on here that you need to read.

    I had the same problem as Neilsattin. Tries installing WP 2.5.1 a few times, but the message kept on appearing at the top of my dashboard.
    But to my suprise it was there yesterdayevening and this morning it was gone. And I haven’t done anything besides sleeping this night. So I’m curious if anyone can tell me what happened. I think it is really strange. At the bottom of the dashboard it now says: 2.5.1

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