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    Hi, I’m Ely (-:
    Happy New Year Everyone

    Sorry, I have a problem (I use the blog for fun not for work, so it is not serious or urgent) (-:
    After the last update (2.0.2) the plugin does not work correctly, sidebars display unite with those that should replace, and also appear in the pages where are not assigned o.O
    For tags and categories I am not sure, the upgrade also generated interpretation errors of the template styles and I immediately back to 1.3.5 version that works perfectly.
    Perhaps this information can help You, I don’t use the default setting to assign titles to pages, I insert code strings to display images, buttons, etc. (however everything worked very good with previous versions).
    I like very much your plugin and always prefer to install all the updates because I believe that also cover security.

    OK, I don’t want to stress You ((-:
    Have a Great 2014
    sorry for my English and Thank You so much for Your Work

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  • I also have a site that is having sidebar display issues following the update.

    Sorry to say, I am experiencing it as well after updating to 2.0.2. I just updated it and now, all of my pages seem to be displaying all of the widgets from all of the different sidebars.

    I’m running PHP Version 5.4.17 with WordPress 3.8

    I have a problem too. all the custom sidebars are showing up on the homepage. Wherever I replaced the primary widget showed on the homepage. Please let me know when there is a fix. Thank you, your plugin rocks!

    Plugin Author Joachim Jensen


    Thanks for your feedback. Can you all tell me the exact settings you use for the sidebar that does not work properly?

    Are these the setting that you need? Not sure..

    Exposure: Singular & Archive
    Handle: Replace Sidebar 1
    Merge: Position bottom
    Display sidebar with: Search Results, All Posts, All Categories, All Tags, All Custom Categories, All Custom Tags

    In my case, Sidebar 1 is displaying, instead of being replaced on All Posts. It seems to work fine for All Categories and All Tags. I don’t have a Search or Custom Categories and Tags so can’t test those.

    Please let me know if you need anything else.

    Is there a way to download and install an older version of this plugin until this can be fixed?

    Hi Joachim,
    Thanks for your quick response,
    yes, I have created approximately thirty sidebars that contain many widgets with images, slideshows, links, etc. all are setting “replace” “single and archive” and the up or down position is set as the sidebar that should replace, some sidebars are assigned to tags, categories and individual articles, and it seems that there are no problems for these, others are assigned to individual static pages and these are the ones that in addition to not found the correct targets, cause the return of misinterpretations of the template styles, I use the Altervista child theme of Wp Twentyeleven (with some customization in the style.css file) the default sidebars in this theme are 8, left and right top, left and right bottom, 3 footer and the showcase.
    In the articles, categories, tags or pages where the plugin is active, I use only the replacement, never display joined sidebars.
    I use the plugin from more than a year and everything has always worked perfectly, the updates have never caused problems, for this reason I thought that maybe depends on the plugin code, but jayPEG say that on its site all work correctly, in this case I don’t know o.O
    However I will check if other plugins cause conflict (I don’t use many plugins and are always the same) and let you know if I find something.

    I hope that I have said something that can help

    Thanks again
    have a happy weekend
    Ely (-:

    Thanks THWIT!

    I’m sorry if this is a newbie question, but do I need to deactivate the current version before installing a previous version? I’ve never installed an older version of a plugin before.

    Just copy the files to your plugin folder, you don’t have to deactivate anything. 🙂

    Plugin Author Joachim Jensen


    While it is possible to downgrade to an earlier version, most of your sidebar settings will then be “lost”, because version 2 uses condition groups.

    I also encourage all of you to read the FAQ about how these condition groups should be used. It is important to split distinct content into separate groups, such as “Front Page” and “All Posts”. The introduction of condition groups has added a layer of complexity, and in some WordPress installations, unfortunately, you must recheck that the created conditions can be satisfied.

    If the problems still occur, please write again.


    I am not sure what you mean by “misinterpretations of the template styles”. Can you explain this in greater detail?

    Hi Joachim,

    Sorry my English is not good and have some difficulty to explaining well (-:
    but for example, the pages where the plugin not working properly, some instructions included in the child theme are broken and browsers (Chrome, Explorer and Firefox) return in the head some things unreadable and some as are setted in the parent theme (buttons, box models, lists styles) happens as if the browsers could not find the right references and the view is compromised, I can not say much more because I restored the previous version as soon as happened this problem.

    Thanks for your explanation, I will study that you suggested on the condition groups and when I’m sure to understand (-: I will try to update again.

    Sorry if I also reply, (sorry THWIT (-: I don’t want to suggest better but just a suggestion more) for personally experience before any update I run a database backup, this allows to immediately restore the previous state without losing any settings in case of problems.

    Thanks and greetings to all
    Ely (-:

    Looks like the update affected the condition groups so once I updated the condition groups the sidebars are displaying correctly again.

    Thank you to plugin author Joachim for the tip that helped me resolve this issue.

    Hi, the plugin is working on all my categories now, but every custom sidebar I created is showing up on my homepage. It isn’t a static page since it is bringing in my new posts. You can see problem here Do you have any idea how i can fix this? Thanks!

    Hi Everyone,

    I did the update again, I reset all groups of condition, I saw what the problem is, condition groups don’t accept the tags, categories, pages etc. that do not appear in the windows “most used” or “show all”, within these sections many of the existing objects don’t appear in the list, the function “search” find them, but in this case does not allow to add them in the group, I can only add what is listed without use search.
    in the “show all” section, appear many pages but if I go to next or previous the listed objects don’t change, they are always the same o.O
    The positive note is that after the reset of the condition groups the conflict problems with the style of the theme are solved and for the objects that it is possible to add in the groups the sidebars work correctly

    Ciao e buona settimana a tutti, Ely (-:

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