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  • new topic cause different circumstances but same results…

    I just recovered my earlier data after upgrading to WP2.0 but I’m back to the reason I posted this earlier (see title).

    Any help would be appreciated.

    EDIT: I think this may be because I brought in my previous themes so I’ll deal with this tomorrow, if I can… Happy New Year!

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  • would you believe my wife just got called in on an emergency spill at work! (she’s the enviro engineer) anyway…

    I’m back to my 404’s even though my data is presently in my blog and the titles do link but they pull up 404’s, same as the serps, wow, I can’t even double-check my permalink settings after that last upgrade, getting a 500 Internal Server Error from Y!, but my web music keeps cutting off too and I can’t successfully upload a new theme without ftp choking so apparently I have connection probs right now, great stuck home New Years, alone, dis-connected, rebooting now lol (will you even get this?)

    forget the reboot, music is back, my domain above this wp sub-dir is up, but I get the 500 error when trying to use wp-login or anything wp related, now what? TIA

    just rebooted, same 500 error after my main domain


    now what? tia

    guess I’ll toss it up to a Y! problem since ftp won’t stay connected either, maybe next year lol

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