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  • Take a look at our new site and let me know what you think. I worked hard, so be honest but not mean. 🙂

    Home & Galleries

    Cool features:
    – 100% Flash free. All mobile devices should be able to view the photo galleries.
    – The front page loads three random images with each refresh. Hit refresh and you will eventually see something you like. I like to think of this as a mini slot machine that doesn’t take your money.

    Still lacking:
    – A good logo
    – The header font blends in with the background image. Any suggestions on fixig this?

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  • I love it.

    I think it is informative, nice onthe eyes, has all your contact info there. Sample work and prices. Great stuff.

    The only thing I would add is maybe a photo of your team with big smiles!!

    Thanks for the feedback! I’m glad you like it and will consider your suggestion as well as any other people may post.

    Getting away from Flash for the slideshows has proven to be the biggest challenge. There are many solutions, but many of them are very slow.

    I think your website is very good. Best wish to you.

    Nice gallery,
    maybe could use a loading animation when it’s loading a new photo.

    Disabling right mouse button is not very useful.
    People who want to steal you image will get to your code. using hotkeys like F12.
    And people who want to (for example) open a link in a new window with right click can’t

    Your site looks really nice. My only complaint is on all of your sub pages “Packages and Pricing”,”Why Gentry”, “Blog”, and “Contact” the text in the upper area is really hard to read because of that background. Maybe try to make the copy a different copy to make it stand out over that background, or maybe place a transparent background to dull down that image to help make your text pop out more. Other then that it looks nice.

    Good Luck.

    Thanks everyone for looking. I’m still trying to figure out the hard to read titles. I tried a background color with a low opacity but it also lowered the opacity of the font. Next, I’ll try a semi-transparent 1×1 png file.

    I made some PHP optimization settings today. They seemed to have sped up my slideshows somwehat. The move away from Flash is difficult.

    I am always open to more feedback and suggestions!!

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    If you want to keep the body image I would say changing the position on it by -80px vertically. I really like the site you have going so far. You also have an eye for photography.

    The website looks nice, but like others, having difficulty with the fonts. I think it’s because you are using a …thin font that is white. If it’s a bolder font and white it might work better.
    Areas where font is not readable: On the pictures on front page and also all the text below the photos, especially the bottom line.

    You might want to play with the photos and labels in something like Photoshop and THEN pulling them into your website.

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    thanks for pointing that out – spam replies moderated.

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    please start your own topic.

    fonts fonts fonts… I’m going crazy. This is by far the most difficult party of this website. Based on everyone’s feedback here I changed the H1 and H2 fonts in the blog section. They are now easier to read but the tradeoff is the ‘feel’ of the site is more casual when I originally was wanting elegant. Part of the problem is the limited selection of Google web fonts.

    What do you guys think? Better? Worse?

    What a great site and photos…yes an animation while loading new pics. When I click on wedding from front page I thought nothing was going to show up and clicked out at first. I came back and waited and then realized it was loading more. 🙂

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