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    I want to update Worpdress from 2.7.1. to new WordPress 2.8 but I am afraid that get errors

    Is the same as hier?

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  • So long as you take a backup like you did before, you can always go back if there are problems.

    I had problems with 2.8 so I tried to go back to my back-up, but I can’t get the page so show now. I can get to administration, however. What am I doing wrong?

    i suggest too
    do not upgrade now

    yup, WP 2.8 is causing trouble. Now My site is only blank page, and so is my wp-login. How can i get to my admin page??

    Thank you

    2.8 == bad. The admin theme / css is gone! At least my site is still up.

    I would not upgrade if I were you. The only reason I did so was to stop being nagged about it on my dashboard, and I completely regret doing so. Tons of problems that I can not figure out how to fix as of yet. I’m now facing a complete reinstall of my blog, which us novices are not overly comfortable doing.

    so less than 1% of users with upgrade problems and folks should not upgrade?
    weird logic

    Sorry Samboll, but until I have my site up and running the way it should, I can not recommend anyone upgrading to 2.8. No matter what percentage is having issues, a quick check of the forums tells us that quite a few individuals are experiencing difficulties. So no, I can not, in good faith, recommend anyone upgrading.

    Backup your site and then upgrade. If problems occur, try to fix them. If you can’t fix them, then restore your backup. Look at the following list for some basic things to do to help ensure a smooth upgrade…there is no 100% guarantee on anything…that’s why you backup.

    Upgrading WordPress to 2.8 — Running into Problems?

    Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    a quick check of the forums tells us that quite a few individuals are experiencing difficulties

    These are support forums. You only get people posting here who have difficulties. People without problems don’t need to post here.

    WordPress 2.8 has been downloaded 1.2 million times as of this posting. The number of people having upgrade issues is well under 1%. So I would say that it’s a very successful upgrade rate.

    Yes! I have now WordPress 2.8. I follow WordPress simple back-up before I upgrade then I follow like when I upgrade 2.7. to 2.7.1. (link above)
    I follow figaro video so check out Figaro site.

    Thank you everybody for respond my question about upgrading.

    Oh… I am so happy.

    I am one of the ones who are having problems. May I remaind people that 1% of 1.2 million people is 10.000 people! And many of those are newbies who moved from having a perfectly working blog to a mess that does not work.

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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