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    So I try this plugin today, great plugin but now I encountered some problems.
    So in my browser (Chrome), I used the refer linked once to do the purchase test, and the affiliate receive commission, which is great.

    But then after that, I close my browser and open it again then type in my url directly (without clicking the affiliate refer link) to get into my website to do some purchase test, and the commission still goes under the affiliate account. The only solution I found is that I have to clear all the cache in my browser in order to not let the affiliate to receive the commission that they shouldn’t receive. Any solution for this?

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    I think I have found it, is it the setting for the cookie days?

    Sorry if this is a stupid question, I think I just found the solution.

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    That is good to know. Do you also have a cache plugin installed?

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    @minglulee, If you don’t manually delete the cookie (wpam_id) from your browswer, it will keep crediting sales as long as the cookie is valid (30 days by default which comes from the settings).

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    @affmngr, yes I actually saw that yesterday. Currently I set it as 0, I guess this will solve the problem right?

    Thanks for the reply btw, appreciated it!

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