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  • I always loved this plugin, until 2 hours ago…

    I run 25 WooCommerce affiliate websites and on all websites.
    On one website the CTR was 0% and the webshop dropped in the Google SERP’s.
    The affiliate links were automatically changed to HTTPS by this plugin, while the merchants website does not use HTTPS. So everybody clicking the link got a not secure warning. This problem was caused by the plugin and costed me about $60,- in commission.

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  • Plugin Author RogierLankhorst



    Sorry you’re having problems. But you can always post a support issue and I can see if I can resolve it.

    What is the html markup of these affiliate links? I’d like to try and reproduce the issue if possible. As background, here’s how the mixed content fixer works (which is the only front-end active part of the plugin):

    There are three parts, which have not changed in the last update, except the srcset=”http, which is now also replaced to https.

    1) The plugin uses a regex to replace the css url, <link href, og:image, and <form action=, like this:

         '/<link .*?href=[\'"]\K(http:\/\/)(?=[^\'"]+)/i',
         '/<meta property="og:image" .*?content=[\'"]\K(http:\/\/)(?=[^\'"]+)/i',
         '/<form [^>]*?action=[\'"]\K(http:\/\/)(?=[^\'"]+)/i',

    2) A replace of http to https on

            'srcset="http://', //this was new

    3) All instances of the home url of your own website are replaced to https.

    I would expect the affiliate links to have a markup like
    <a href="">link</a>

    Is that the markup that is used? As you can see there’s no pattern that matches an external hyperlink, so I’m not sure how the latest update could cause this.

    If the mixed content fixer did cause the issue, disabling the mixed content fixer (in settings/ssl) would solve it as well. Did you try that?

    I can’t reproduce external links being replaced to https, so any feedback that can help me reproduce this would be very much appreciated.

    Plugin Author RogierLankhorst


    Without any more input on this, and without being able to reproduce, I have to assume it was another plugin that was causing this.

    Please let me know if you have any more information that could help resolve this.

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