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  • I have not seen any effect on seo at all…

    You can white list your ip address.. I know I do the same when I am building a site as I have also been caught out and locked out of the site for periods of time.. white list under: Intrusion Detection

    Does it block other people’s IP addresses? I’m worried that it has done that and we have lost visitors to the site.

    I do see logs that block other people, however these are usually because they have been looking for pages that dont exist, or are trying to obviously hack (more likely they are running programs)..

    But you can adjust the parameters… The default allow 5 I think (dont quote me), but I think it allows up to 5 wrong attempts before it blocks that ip for a certain number of minutes, then they get another x amount and so forth.

    But its all in the settings, just go over the settings… what I first started to use this plugin I simply created a dummy site on a subdomain and went over all the options and deliberately got myself blocked etc to see how it all worked..

    I sware by this plugin, I leave almost all of these types of settings as default.. I have never had anyone every report a problem with being blocked.. usually its the scum that get blocked..

    In some cases, namely if you have a lot of missing content, BWPS could affect your SEO in that it can actually lockout Google or another legitimate bot from your site. That said, turning off intrusion detection would take of this issue (I’ve never actually heard of it happening but it is a possibility). Other than that there would be no negative affect on SEO.

    I am getting A LOT (like thousands) of 403 Response Codes in my Webmaster tools account. Does this have to do with the plugin?

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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