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    I’m working on an airsoft website that allows people to reserve matches.
    There are two kind of packages :
    – If the customer has his own equipment, it will cost 10$
    – If it’s not the case, it will cost 49$

    I actually encounter a problem about the management of stock. I would like to limit a match to 10 people maximum for example. But I need to handle the stock per weapon.

    So in the inventory tab, I set the stock quantity to 10. Then I build my variable product. I have two attributes :
    – equipement (equipped, no-equipped)
    – Weapons (M4, G36, My weapons)

    This is my variations :

    – “Equipped” and “My weapons” = 10$
    – “No-equipped” and “M4” = 49$ | Stock Qty = 6
    – “No-equipped” and “M4” = 49$ | Stock Qty = 4

    However when I look at the products page in the dashboard, the stock is set to 20 (in my head I expected 10).

    Is there another way to do it ?
    Does Woocommerce can handle what I want ?

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  • When you want to handle the stock levels on variation level, you should not set the main stock level. The main stock level should only be set if you want to manage the stock on a product level and have all variations use the same stock.

    Thanks a lot for your quick answer.
    I see what you mean.
    Is it possible to satisfy my need despite everything ? I mean with a plugin maybe ?


    Sorry for the double post, but what do you think about this plugin : ?

    The options that you like to cover with the stock level on the base product, can’t you cover that with stock levels on other possible variations? For example, have you tried setting the stock on the main variation with all attributes on ‘wildcard’-value?

    If that is not what you’re looking for, can you explain in a bit more detail how it should work? I’m a bit lost in why you would want to set the stock level on both base product and on separate variations?

    You are totally right, I’ll just manage stock levels on other possible variations.
    Thank you for your clear explanations.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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