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  • Hello,

    I started a wordpress project for a client which has an e-commerce part. So I decided to try Woocommerce. Nevertheless I’m not yet familiar with this “big” plugin. The client has several specific needs and I’m not able to know if the plugin would cover those needs.

    This is an airsoft website. The users will be able to reserve a match. But the client has several needs :
    1) Depending your stuff the price changes (49$ for non-equiped and 10$ for those who have their stuff).
    2) The user has the possibility to add some options (for examples : ammo, grenades etc.). Each options has a price so the total cost has to rise too.
    3) The user can choose his team (depending the places available)
    4) Then the user have to accept the terms of use and must have over 18.
    5) Finaly, the payment

    If Woocommerce can do it, I would like to know how to implement those features ?

    Any help would be apreciated,


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  • accept terms:

    you can use variations to have a single product listing with multiple configurations that have different prices.

    there’s a product addons extension that would let you add the options.

    not really clear where the “choose team” thing would come into play

    Thx a lot for your reply.

    I’m going to try the variations.

    Do you have the name of the addons ?

    When I say “choose team”, I mean the user has to choose which team he wants to form part. For example, a match will oppose 20 people (10 versus 10).
    In my case I think the number of people fixed per match is the equivalent to the stock.

    You don’t need an add-ons, extensions or plugins to do a variable product, it just needs some work setting it up.

    I use variations in order to let the user choosing if he is equipped or not and his team.
    For example I have the following variations :
    – Equipped, green team : 10$
    – Equipped, red team : 10$

    – Non-Equipped, green team : 49$
    – Non-Equipped, red team : 49$

    But now I want to propose many (optionnals) options like : grenades, ammo etc.

    I think the addon suggested by bheadrick can do the work.

    that’s literally the name “product add-ons

    yeah, you could do the options thing with variations, but you’d have to create a variation for every possible combination. (except for those that don’t affect the price, like which team). the product add-ons just simplifies the set up a bit (and makes the order page a bit more interesting)

    It could be accomplished in several ways, but if you make options as products in their own right, things like ammunition could be illustrated, described and purchased as a product, not just a product add-on. You would get more flexibility, a shopping cart that is easier to edit, and an order that is easier to understand.

    Thank you both for your detailed replies.

    @citynode: It will be more practical for my client to have this organisation. I mean the only e-commerce part of the future site concerns only the reservation. He prefers to have a global view with the different options associated.

    Now, thanks to your previous comments, I would like to have your opinion about the way to proceed.

    So if my proposition of variations is correct, I just need to couple them with the addon ?

    I don’t understand what you mean by

    He prefers to have a global view with the different options associated.

    And if the only part that requires ecommerce is the reservation, what does that mean – that payment for everything else isn’t done online?

    I don’t know how I would recommend you proceed … I was expecting you to need a calendar reservation system since places on each team were limited.

    The client will publish new matches gradually. He just wants a page where all of the available matches will be displayed.

    Then the user will select the match and reserve it (with options or not). I apologize if I was not clear, of course the payment is done online.

    I’m encountering another problem with some variations.

    I have set those variations :
    – Equipped, green team : 10$
    – Equipped, red team : 10$

    – Non-Equipped, green team : 49$
    – Non-Equipped, red team : 49$

    But I’m not satisfied with those varitations because I can’t set a stock for each team and a different price for each “Equipment”. So I tried those variations :

    – Equipped, Any team : 10$
    – No-Equipped, Any team : 49$

    – Any Equipment, green team : 10 in stock
    – Any equipment, red team : 10 in stock

    Nevertheless the price doesn’t change when I select “No-equipped”… The price is still 10

    The rest is just styling. You would probably want to hide the add-to-cart button from the category page and only display it on the product page, that’s a pretty minor change.

    You could add extra product add-ons for additional ammo, etc.

    The display on the product page needs some styling to get things to line up, but only a bit.

    Inventory is controlled: I used 10 slots each in this example.

    First of all, thank you for your demo ! It’s nearly the idea I would like.

    I have read again the specifications and the client has two distinct packages.
    The client has to choose between “Equipped” (10$) and “No-equipped” (49$).

    Then he has the possibility (whatever his equipment) to add other stuff (like grenades, ammos etc.).

    The client wants to manage the stock of grenades, ammos too. Is it possible ?

    To finish, the client has to select a team. Of course we have to set a stock limitation for each one. I tried to do it (see my last post) but without success

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