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    This is almost a "pre-sale" type question.

    I work at a newspaper and currently run a website built off Drupal. And quite frankly, I'm tired of it. In almost every regard. And I would like to switch to WordPress.

    One of the main issues with our current Drupal setup comes when searching our databases. Not only do we have daily editorial content, we have daily court records that are added. Right now the 'node' or record total in our drupal install is 5.1 million. 200,000 of which are news stories. Drupal is not only extremely slow searching that many records, but Views is extremely restrictive in terms of forms, etc.

    What would be ideal for us is to use WP for editorial content and for users and authentication, but have the court database search pages be entirely on their own. Yet be under the WP authentication system. Now I believe this is possible with custom templates, correct? I assume that is too many records for custom fields...?

    Basically, when considering 1) wanting full search form control and 2) that many records, is WP capable of handling it? What direction would you go?

  2. Now I believe this is possible with custom templates, correct?

    Custom templates allow you to display content differently, but the search will remain the same. When you do a search within a WordPress site is searches the whole database and so will most likely be just as slow.

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