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  • Hello

    I’m looking for some advice about a site I’m looking to develop in WordPress and about how best this can be implemented.

    A short explanation….

    Users will be able to register for the site and then register a product. I plan to use Gravity Forms to allow the this product registration. Once a product has been registed anyone (public users without registration) will be able to review the product registration but only the person who registered the product can amend the details.

    How best can this be achieved? I had thought of creating a custom post type and (somehow, possibly filters?) allowing only the author (owner) to be able to edit the post. I’ve also thought about using a membership plug in such a S2 Member to management the membership of the site.

    Any thoughts would be gratefully received.

    Thank you.


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    Do you plan on having paid memberships?

    So, all visitors may view all posts without registration, and also have the ability to register on your site, then register a product, which only they can edit?

    Just an idea:
    You can register all users at which ever role level needed, then use a conditional statement to show/hide the front-end post edit button, depending on if the user is the author of the post.

    of course, you would have to remove all other access to the dashboard form the front end.

    actually, scratch that. I’m pretty sure you can make the default user role with restricted capabilities (edit/delete own posts only) by usig a role-capabilities-tweeking plugin.

    Thank guys for replying.

    @mordauk kind of…the registration of the product has a cost associated to it. This could be handled separately but my thinking is that a membership plugin could handle the payment (first year is included with the sale of the product), subscriptions and user management.

    @deepbevel thanks looking at some role plugin and they seem to allow the edit of posts based on who created the post. Do you think its right that the product registration is a post?

    Thank you.

    i think it’s fine, can’t forsee any issue with that.

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    I would probably recommend Gravity Forms for the product registration.

    Thanks Guys

    I have decided not to create WP post from the Gravity Forms submission. Instead creating a pivot view using the results from the GF table (wp_rg_lead_detail, will also need to include wp_rg_lead_detail_long). To allow the records to be edited, another view has been create “edit view” which pull pre populated field entries from the original from submission.

    No idea what that is, is it a way to restrict access to the media library and still use the post editor?

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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