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  1. cameron_penn
    Posted 8 years ago #

    Currently my site uses the feedburner plugin and generates a single feed. What I'd like to do is selectively include or exclude posts in the already existing feedburner feed. To turn it, in other words, into a "featured" posts feed. So there really are two parts to this question:

    1. What would people recommend as the best way to tag the content? Categories? Tags? A custom field? My inclination is a custom field, but I'm wondering if anyone has any thoughts on advantages/disadvantages of different approaches.
    2. Harder question. What code should I be hacking up to make the feed selective? The feedburner plugin? The core library? Really, it ought to be done as my own plugin, but if so, I wonder if anyone has advice on what action it should be triggering on.

    I appreciate your help.

  2. A plugin like this would be the best way:

    There's several plugins designed to exclude categories from various parts of the site, including RSS feeds.

  3. cameron_penn
    Posted 8 years ago #

    Thanks Otto, that was helpful. To seal the deal, I'm trying to ensure that users are "bound" to that category so that they cannot feature their own posts. There is a plugin,

    Bind User to Category

    But it seems to be nonfunctional with WP 2.5. Anyone have any alternatives?

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