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    I have been developing a site on localhost, wampserver, and I’m ready to take it to the next step. I don’t want to go live, but I want to upload my site so I can show a couple of colleagues. I’d appreciate some feedback on my options, and answers to a few questions.

    1. In the Reading Settings there’s a check box for Search Engine Visibility; Discourage search engines from indexing this site. Do search engines generally respect this? Would this be a way post the site, show it to colleagues, then tick the box to show it to the world later?

    2. How about using a subdomain for this purpose? I have an old site I don’t use anymore. Could I create a subdomain there and keep it hidden, but be able to give the address to a select few, then migrate later?

    3. Are there best practices on this? What do developers usually do?

    4. Are there some free or low cost development environments that could serve the same purpose?

    I would appreciate links to any resources you might have found helpful, as well as opinions. Thanks for you input.

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  • dalibu


    Two suggestions for you:

    1) If the site hasn’t already launched, then I would put it in the final place – e.g. and then use one of the plug-ins called maintenance mode or similar to make it non-visible to the public. If it has already launched, or you are updating an old site, then yes, use a subdomain such as

    2) The script mentioned on this webpage, called Search and Replace for WordPress Databases Script has been incredibly useful for me when going from wamp to live, follow the instructions very carefully…

    Good luck!



    @dalibu – Thanks for that. I hadn’t considered option #1, since I didn’t know about the plugin. Good idea. I have both situations on the go, so the script is helpful as well.

    I want to create a work flow;
    localhost development > testing on subdomain > live site.
    I think I’m going to use my extra site for testing, using subdomains for each project.

    I’ve had success with WP Migrate DB downloading from my production site to my localhost so I can play around with ideas. Have you had any experience with that plugin?

    I think WP Migrate DB does pretty much what Search and Replace for WordPress Databases Script does. But I’ll read the documentation anyway.



    I’ve not used WP Migrate DB, but it looks to be a real time saver. It would replace the Search and Replace for WordPress Databases Script for you.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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