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  • dblast


    Hi I am adding the finishing touches on my site and one thing that is bugging me is it looks great in firefox but in IE the gif’s borders is broken up and not as smooth in firefox.

    Any advice on how I can tweak the image to make it look as good in both browsers?


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  • StrangeAttractor


    I don’t think it’s the image itself. It’s how the browser is displaying it. You have it inserted in a text widget, and there’s some stuff in the CSS to control its height (but not width) and positioning.

    You’re probably going to have fool around a bit with this to see if you can make it work, but the first thing you might try is assigning an exact width to that text widget (as well as the already specified height). IE seems to be crunching up the image slightly, which is why it looks different.

    Also, (IMPORTANT!) I saw this bit of code in your source code, just under the body tag:

    <div style="position:absolute;left:-69982px;top:-56983px">
    <!--ex--><!--648111413--><h1>FATBLAST EXTREME ONLINE</h1> <a href="[DELETED]">fatblast extreme online</a><!--657051976--><h5>FML FORTE (FLUOROMETHOLONE) ONLINE</h5> <a href="DELETED">fml forte (fluorometholone) online</a><!--312400486-->

    It goes on and on (I’ve deleted the actual link URLS). These are hidden spam links, in case this is the first time you’ve heard of this.

    It would appear you’ve been hacked.

    I strongly recommend you start looking through these forums for advice on what your next steps should be. Search for the terms “hacked” and “exploit”.



    Aggghh.. I tried looking for the code and screwed up the site. I had to restore a backup. Is there a way to narrow down where it is. I am completely new to this. I asked my webhost they pretty much told me its a wordpress problem not theirs, but she mentioned templates. How do I investigate that.

    Thanks a lot for finding that BTW.




    Is there a way to narrow down where it is.

    Where what is? The hidden links? You can just view source in any browser (usually on the right-click context menu, if you click on the page) and you’ll see it just below the body tag.

    If you mean the CSS controlling your text widget — that is in your CSS file, which is annotated, and you’ll find it in the area mentioning your karate guy and text widgets.

    I’m afraid I myself don’t have time to help you beyond that. If you need help with the CSS there are some very good tutorials on the web, or you can probably hire someone (shouldn’t be too complicated).

    If you need help with the hacking, you should look through the forums here and then post more detailed questions if you have them. Basically, you are going to have to restore an old database, and you’ll have to delete your installation and install a fresh one. Also change all admin usernames and passwords. You should take a look at the “Hardening WordPress” section of the Codex, and read some other stuff about WordPress security.

    It’s a pity your host doesn’t consider this important, because a compromised site can threaten other sites on a shared server. Then again, this happens all the time.



    I read the codex, I read the forums, a bit confusing.

    So I installed a clean 2.7 but I am using the same database. Do you think that could be a problem?

    I am a little out of my element with MSQ Database and css php. So please speak slowly >;)

    The site does not seem to running any funky code at this time:

    I basically deleted the old copy completely and installed 2.7 fresh but to my surprise it used the same data so it was not too much work.
    I installed exploit scanner, and hash checker (which does not seem to be working with 2.7).

    So my question(s) are:
    Did I take the right steps?
    Is the fact that I am using the same database problematic?
    If so how do I remedy that?
    And how do I toughen up wordpress to avoid this?
    Any additional plugins to help assist this?

    Thanks a lot for spotting that code.


    That seems like a good start to me. I am by no means an expert on security, and have had my own learning curve with this, so I don’t feel qualified to advise you much about this, other than looking at what other people have posted.

    There is a plugin called Security Scan that can help tighten up some common security issues, such as unix permissions, and whether your WordPress installation is announcing its version to the world (a default setting, but unfortunately helps bots find vulnerable versions).

    You should follow codex advise about setting up your “secret key” in config.php:

    And re: your database — yes, it may be a problem that you reinstalled your most recent database. If it has been compromised, the exploit may still be in the database. I can’t help you with that issue more than to say it might be a problem — you can try posting a new question directly related to that issue to see if someone more qualified can answer.

    You also might look for posts by a user named Whooami, who frequently addresses security issues, both here and on her site. Someone like that (and many other people around here) are more qualified. But if you post questions, try to address each issue at a time — you’re more likely to get concrete responses by posting concrete questions.

    PS Re basic CSS issues… you can find some help in these forums, but you’ll find better tutorials elsewhere on basic CSS. One that was very helpful to me was at Westciv. They offer classes that you can pay for, but the free stuff online is quite comprehensive, esp. for a beginner. If you begin to seriously learn CSS, you may also find the FireFox extensions Web Developer and FireBug very useful for working on your site….

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