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    We have a WP Multisite and our registration site uses a plugin which forces our users to log in before they can submit a form to request a new WP site. We also use an LDAP plugin that imports/checks users are from our network.

    The process should be: A user visits the registration site, logs in (gets added to the registration site as a user) and is then able to submit a form to request a new site.

    Everything works fine until we have a user who is already a user on another part of the multisite. The registration site can’t add the user as they already exist and they just get an error. We’re having to manually add those users to the Registration site before they can submit a request.

    Is there any way we can get All users to be automatically added to our Registration site if they’ve been added to any other site?

    (To be really helpful, we’d prefer to only let our LDAP users make requests for sites.)

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  • Moderator bcworkz


    Sorry for a slow reply. Why would a the system attempt to add a new user if they already exist? Shouldn’t they simply be logged in so they can submit another form? Is it your LDAP plugin that adds users after they’ve been authenticated? I suggest you inquire with that plugin’s authors or whoever’s code is responsible for adding users. They should check if the user exists before trying to add them. If they exist, just log them in.

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