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    I was wondering if i could get some advice as i am a little lost…

    I would like to persuade wordpress to display all my posts in the following URL format.. folder name/category1/posttitle

    1) Can i specify a static folder name, even if doesn’t exist as a live category? If so how?

    2) Can i dynamically generate a second folder based upon the main category that the post is in?

    I keep trying to do this but every time i mess it up.


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  • Custom Permalinks (See Permalinks for documentation)

    Perhaps something like /FolderName/%category%/%postname%/ ?

    go to Options > Permalinks inside your WordPress admin and write the above code my HandySolo to make custom url available inside your WordPress blog.

    if the above


    did’nt work for the permalinks then try this below, i tested it b4e posting,


    Side note: you only need to include “index.php” in a permalink string if your host doesn’t support mod_rewrite.

    Sweet, i removed the %category% as some of the posts are in three, four or more categories so it started getting a little too deep for seo.

    But thank you so much.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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