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  • Hi, I’ve had a WordPress website for about 18 months now and gradually building it up. Please can you let me know any suggestions for what I could improve from an SEO perspective and web design approach?

    My site covers tablet pc reviews and comparisons and the objective is to give people helpful advice whilst minimising the technical jargon. Ideally they click on the links to the tablets too so I bring in a trickle of affiliate income to cover the costs.

    Thanks in advance for all your help,

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  • You have All in One SEO Pack, why didn’t you fill out the description for each page?

    I really like your site. Well done.

    Hi, and thanks for the reply. To be honest I’ve been a bit overwhelmed by the All In One SEO pack so it sound like I need to find a tutorial to really get to grips with it.

    Thanks for the tip.

    All In One SEO Pack lacks any user feedback. I felt like I was filling in some mysterious information and getting nothing to rate what my content was.

    Try installing WordPress SEO by Yoast. After you fill in the necessary meta titles, etc. there is a page analysis feature that rates your page contents by numerous variables and offers suggestions to make it better.

    Good Luck,

    Thanks Nick, I’m a bit worried that removing All In One SEO at this stage as I have page descriptions/titles/keywords on most of my recent posts – I think these populate the meta data? I also found an article to configure it better. Would these disappear if I removed All In One SEO? Can I run both together or do they just overlap?

    I won’t recommend running two plugins that performs the same function simultaneously Ted, you will be overloading your WordPress site if I may say.

    I recently started using AIOSEO on a friends site also, but I don’t see any improvements yet for about 2 weeks now, and have been thinking about giving Yoast a shot. However, am worried just as you are about loosing all the descriptions, titles, keywords, etc on many posts. So, I’ll be following this post to hear of any feedback someone might provide regarding that.

    Your blog looks very good, plenty of high quality content, you have chosen a good theme that looks clean and simple, also loads very quickly. I will just suggest you to get a better logo, something more brandable and catchy.

    I see that you are having a google +1 button, so why not add the voting buttons of facebook and stumble upon as well, the static counterparts of them does not brings enough votes.

    Also, for adsense and other ads, the best location is usually the large rectangular ad, placed just below the title and surrounded with content on all sides, try that for high CTR.

    overall, it is an excellent blog, keep it updated,

    Thanks puzzl3d for your advice.

    AdsensePlugin – thanks also for your suggestions. I added the other Social Sharing buttons at the end of the post so that readers can press them after reading but I’ve used a plugin to do this and it’s a little messy. Is there a way to do this via code that I can get the buttons from the sites and then is it easy to format them so they line-up in a neat line? I can’t find a plugin that has all the social sharing buttons including the +1 button so an alternative suggestion on the best plugin for this would be another option?

    I’ll also try yout suggestion on the Adsense placement but i’ve already got a number of ads so I just want to be a bit careful not to overload the page.

    Thanks again for all the replies – they’re very much appreciated.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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