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  • Hey, this is a kinda strange question I guess. I’m just wondering what’s the best / most future proof / most widely used / most widely compatible usage of categories. For all I know there is no standard, and I can do whatever I damn well like, but I’m weird like this…

    My main aim is to provide viewers with sections in which to view seperate information. I guess most of you do. The other main aim is to at some point create two seperate blogs using posts of certain types to be viewed on one, and posts of another type to be viewed on the other. Right now I think the best way to split up these “types” is to add posts to seperate categories. Which is where it gets interesting.

    Right now I have 4 base categories with no parents. One of those is the default category and is used as such because that’s the category that I want most of my content in. One of these categories also has number of sub-categories.

    My first problem would be, when creating two seperate blog pages, how easy is it going to be to create a page that contains the contents of two of the base categories?

    Secondly, with my sub categories, I’m using them as such:

    Radio / TV
    Mags / Papers

    I’m wondering whether it would be better to add Reviews as two sub categories, one for Gigs and one for Releases (given as that’s what most of the reviews are for, it makes sense). But then someone viewing the gigs category gets regular gig news and gig reviews, and there’s no way just to view gig news on it’s own (regardless of whether gig category is selected). The way I have it now, you can view gig news on it’s own, release news on it’s own, and reviews on their own, but i also have the option of adding review posts to the gigs / releases category too. But that way there’s no way to view *just* gig reviews or *just* release reviews.

    Anyway… that probably makes no sense…

    Basically, is it better to use categories alot, or sparingly? And is it better to add subcategories to things, or add them as seperate categories? And is it better to have a main base-parent to everything, or is it normal to have some categories without any parents?

    And, should I just be using tagging instead of categories (or better, alongside them, as I don’t suppose it’s as easy to get two seperate sites out of posts without categories).

    It’d be great to see other people’s views on this stuff. Or just someone who understood the above post at all :p

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