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    I have done everything that I have read in forums, google, FAQ’s, etc. to fix the “enable sending referrers” problem when trying to save option changes in jd-wordpress (joomla component of wordpress). I have turned off my firewalls, stopped virus scanners, changed www to nothing and vice versa, followed the instructions for adding my site to the RefControls option in firefox. NONE of these has done anything. I can post blogs fine, just can’t save any options or config changes. Is there a new version coming out that might fix this?



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  • whooami



    jd-wordpress appears to be something that the folks at joomla are responsible for. If youre having issues with it you might want to inquire at their side of the ‘net.

    The “enable sending referers” thing is something that comes and goes on these forums, and has since version 1.2, and its never been, except for one time, caused by something in the wordpress core, as far as I remember.

    It truly is unfortunate because of all the blog components I have tried for joomla, the jd-wordpress component is truly the nicest. Yet to date, I have been unable to customize the default page due to this sending referrers issue. I have recently read that this issue may be resolved in future versions of wordpress, so hopefully this extends to the joomla component as well.


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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