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  • I’m trying to figure out the best structure for my site. I’m not all that familiar with all of my options. So I thought I would ask the experts.

    Here is my original site:

    This was working well for this one community. But I’m branching out to other communities in my area. I now have 18 communities that I will be covering.

    Here is my new site:

    As you can see I have each community set as a category. This is great for separating the obits and putting them where they need to be.

    However, I would like each community page to act as it’s own site, so that each will have it’s own logo, descriptions, tags, etc.

    I’m all in favor of using sub-domains, or even sub-directories as long as it will work as expected.

    I was trying to experiment using WordPress Multi-site but something isn’t working for me on my end. If it’s the best way to go, then I will focus my energies on solving the problem of getting it setup properly. I just didn’t want to spend too much time with it because I was just going to play around and see how it worked.

    The Eastcountyobits site is brand new and there is no important content on it. It can easily be re-installed or played around with.

    I appreciate any ideas or input. Thank You

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