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  • Being somewhat new to WordPress, I am hoping to get some advice from everyone. I am starting a multi-blog website and I am looking for the best way to build it. Each blog will have its own editor and needs to have its own custom navigation menu. Eventually, I hope to grow it to 100 blogs or more.

    At first I thought WordPress Multisite was the way to go, but I think its too complicated for me at this point, especially if I encounter problems in the future. Instead I decided to do separate installs for each blog in folders.

    However, in creating the first blog, I think I underestimated how much work it takes, especially in customizing the various plugins. That got me thinking: If I grow to 100 blogs and an update comes along that stops a plugin from working, I will need to install and customize a new plugin for 100 separate blogs. That could take a lot of time.

    So is there an better way to create a multi-blog website. Perhaps I could put all the blogs on one site, with each blog being a separate category. Then I could use Role Scoper to assign an editor to each category. There also seems to be plugins to allow customized navigation but they seem buggy at best. However, another problem is that users can create blog posts. So if a user went to create a blog post and I had 100 blogs, the user would need to look through 100 categories to choose the right one. That does not seem feasible.

    Any suggestions?

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  • I’m not sure there is a right answer to this but to me it sounds like having multiple blogs inside 1 WP site would make the most sense. You are going to have to deal with “finding” a single blog in a list of 100+ no matter how you do it, but at least that problem is simpler to tackle inside 1 single site than it would be if you have 100 distinct sites.

    I would ask yourself also about “why” you need 100 different blogs. Meaning double-check if that is really the best approach. Because often people who are new to things overlook the obvious. Like if you plan to have lots of different authors… that’s no reason to make different blogs, you’re site will be richer by merging all that different content together. Think in terms of the audience, search engines, social media. From that perspective you are much better having 1 content-rich site than 5 or more weak sites. And what makes a site content rich in part is not just the blog posts individually but how they can form into category lists. So maybe 2 different authors tackle the same topic… if it’s sports maybe they both write about the Rangers and they both use the tag “rangers” now suddenly you have a tag page with 2 items, and over time that grows to 10 items and it can then bring you traffic.

    I hope this helps maybe somebody else who is familiar with Role Scoper can comment on whether that will help in this case.

    I understand what you are getting at but unfortunately, I would need each one to be a separate blog as each blog would have a team of bloggers updating the site.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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